Crimewatch: Robberies Up, Nobody Whacked

New York Post: Surge in Slayings…: Meanwhile, the 84th Precinct, which covers well-to-do Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill and is part of Brooklyn North, had no homicides the last two years – but street crime is going through the roof.

Robbery is up 21 percent, assault climbed 12 percent and grand larceny inched up 4 percent so far this year.

Browne noted that "the 84th Precinct remains among the top third safest precincts in the safest big city in the nation."

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  • Teddy

    The increase in robberies is alarming.

  • No One of Consequence

    Percentage increases can be misleading.
    If there were 5 robberies in one year, and 6 in the next, that gives you a 20% increase.

  • havensofmanhattan

    No One, you’re exactly right. I’d like to see the numbers but still any increase is not good.

  • anonymous

    I am very concerned about the increase in crime, any crime. Muggings, robberies, and burglaries have always been fairly common in Brooklyn Heoghts, broken windows on parked cars are a neighborhood staple. But recent years saw a decrease in these things. I would hate to see things go back to the way they were ten years ago. Haven’t there been a number of bank robberies on Montague Street in the past few months?

  • nabeguy

    Here’s a link to the Compstat numbers for the 84th precinct. There is, however, no neighborehood breakdown, so it’s difficult to ascertain where the numbers are increasing.

  • JT Leroy

    Look at the “historical perspective” data, it will make you stop whining. No neighborhood can ever be completely crime-free, but Brooklyn Heights qualifies as safe where overall trend is down (long term), total number of crimes is low in proportion to the number of residents, and it’s possible to take precautions effectively, unlike where there is a lot of shooting of innocent bystanders.

    I would be interested in seeing white-collar crimes broken out by neighborhood. You’d have to do it by residence, not place of employment.

  • JT Leroy

    Corrected to add: data are plural. They will make you stop complaining. Anyway, at point where marginal decreases in crime would necessitate derogations of civil liberties.

  • anonymous

    Most of the 84th’s bank robberies are in Brooklyn Heights.
    Don’t think of crime as something that happens in the other parts of the precinct. We keep up our end in terms of crime stats.

  • nabeguy

    Given how many banks there are on Montague St, I would think that ALL the bank robberies in the precinct are occuring there. And do the numbers reflect multiple robberies by one felon, as with the “shoe-box bomb”robber? Wasn’t he alone involved in 3 separate incidents?

  • anonymous

    “Muggings, robberies, and burglaries have always been fairly common in Brooklyn Heoghts, broken windows on parked cars are a neighborhood staple.”

    Are you serious? I never seen any of these things in the heights for the 20 years I’ve been here. No broken windows, and no muggins. This is one of the safest places in NYC. Does anyone have any specifics they can share because I’ve not seen a trace of these things.