Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper 9/21/09

fncHere are some of last week’s headlines, you know … in case you missed ’em:

Lance Bass N’Sync with Local Art Show

UK’s Daily Mail on Brooklyn Heights: Posh… and Dull!

Hate Crime Suspected at First Unitarian

New Neighbor: Mini Max Toys and Cuts

Angel Face Esthetics Opens on Montague Street

Rise of the Machine: It’s Levin in the 33rd

Mr. Junkersfeld’s Neighborhood – Get Out and Eat!

Brooklyn Book Festival

From Cobble Hill Blog:

Henry Public aka That TV Repair Shop Bar Gets Signage

There’s a new ghang in town

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  • ABC

    if anyone has used Mohammad’s van service, can you tell me how large the van is? Looking to move some large art (of very little value). But pieces are large — like 4 feet by 8 feet — and I’m wondering if he can do that.

  • promenade

    Aren’t they called Low Rate Movers or something? The guys at the pet store (across from Key Food) have his cards….

  • Homer Fink

    Here’s his info… tell him BHB sent ya!
    Mohammed Doucoure
    Low Rate Movers

  • ABC


  • montague st

    ABC, Mohammed is such a nice guy and I’m told he is very tidy and sweeps the apt after he’s done the job. his website is

  • nabeguy

    Thanks for the link ms. Now that I see his company does garbage removal as well, I have the perfect job for him. And no, it doesn’t involve any of the posters on this blog.