New Neighbor: Mini Max Toys and Cuts


Mini Max Toys and Cuts, a store offering an “eclectic variety of environmentally friendly toys and educational games”  recently opened at 152 Atlantic Avenue.

One of the Mini Max’s owners, Charu Kambo, tells BHB that the store will also be hosting story times, puppet shows, arts & crafts and more fun stuff for kids.  Oh and they offer kid’s haircuts too.

Mini Max Toys and Cuts
152 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11201

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  • alex

    I walked by the other day. Looked cute. I was sad to see that it was empty. If you have kids — go!

  • tb

    It might have been empty because they are a little rude to their customers.
    We had a bad experience with them on Saturday. : (

  • ABC

    we had a good experience on Saturday! cute place. cute toys.

  • Homer Fink

    They were very nice to us when we were there… bought a bunch of stuff too!

  • xochi

    went for haircut and some treats. had a nice experience. my daughter enjoyed it, although she “miss(es) anna (at boy love girl). really happy to see them there, we can use it on this side of the neighborhood. it’s a good thing, be kind, give them a fair chance – it is not an easy task – i wish them well, we will be back,; for gifts and treats and a trim now and then.

  • HeightsMom

    We went last week to get a haircut for my son. He loved it. And he got a good cut. Of course we bought a few little toys. They also gave him an organic lollipop, which at first we though yuck, but it was very good. Forgot the name though. Finally a place to go in our hood.

  • CGWMom

    We just popped in on a whim and got a quick trim. The hairdresser and the owner were as sweet as could be and really helpful. And of course we spent more on toys than on the haircut. We’ll go back for sure.

  • jentastic

    We tried to buy a backpack for our twins there this past Sunday. When we took one of the display the rest of the backpacks fell down. The clerk told me to control my children but they were sitting in the stroller, almost asleep.
    I don’t think I will go back. I wish we would have met the nice people there!

  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    Only an idiot would blame an accident on their own children. You should have manned up and admitted your clumsiness.

  • nabeguy

    Kinda harsh, Smarty. It was the clerk who blamed her children, not her. She say’s “we”, so maybe the father was to blame for the clumsiness, but the kids were semi-comatose.

  • dirnewyorkcity

    Will try to do some early holiday shopping for the kids there soon. :)

  • velvetflip

    Great store, and the staff are as friendly as can be! We stopped in to check out the toys en route to the barber shop so my husband could get a haircut. We joked with them about giving my husband a haircut, and sure enough, they did it, and did a great job! Very interesting selection of toys, great puppets, and cute clothing. We’ll definitely be back for the puppet shows and story time!

  • BrooklynMom

    Love this new little place! They are so nice to us every time we go in. Danielle did a wonderful job on my 6-year-old daughter’s hair and I love that they offer just a bang trim. My son Jasper did well there too (and he hates to get his hair cut).

    Really cute place and I wish them luck!