Rise of the Machine: It’s Levin in the 33rd

levin2009catsWith 100% of the vote in, BHB projects Steve Levin as is the winner of the Democratic primary in NYC Council District 33.

BHB Reader’s Choice Doug Biviano is running a distant 6th.

The final results are as follows:

Levin, Stephen Dem 5,199 34%
Simon, Jo Anne Dem 3,109 20%
Abraham, Isaac Dem 1,937 13%
Thies, Evan Dem 1,915 12%
Diamondstone, Ken Dem 1,324 9%
Biviano, Doug Dem 1,127 7%
Baer, Kenneth Dem 811 5%

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  • John Wentling

    LOL, you guys sure can pick `em – distant 6th, probably shouldn’t have trotted out the socialist, tinfoil hat wearing Kucinich.

  • Chris Monti

    Its a disappointing finish for Doug and those that voted for him, I’m sure. But no first-timer enters a crowded race unless they recognize that not coming out on top is a possibility. What’s probably tougher to reconcile are the second-handers that feel a need to pile on when its all said and done. Getting a sitting congressmen and two-time candidate for president to endorse you personally is quite an achievement, and one of many accomplishments that made Doug an interesting and valuable presence in the race.

    Well done Doug!

  • Andrew Porter

    Good picture of a candidate and a very relaxed kitty!

  • x

    even harvey milk didn’t win his first couple of city council elections..

    Persistence is the key.

    Watch “Milk”. It is a great movie.

  • J Matthew Buzby

    Hey you can start buying the KOOL AID stock because that was sure BITTER SWEET!!!!!.

    NICE PICK!!!! on Doug

  • J Matthew Buzby

    Nice job steve I told you they will come.!!!!!

  • nabegirl

    @chris – nicely put. I too commend Doug for stepping up to this race. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It took a lot of hard work and courage for Doug to run with no political experience.

    Look what the end result is – we are now owned by Vito Lopez. I find that concept depressing.

  • DAB

    I used to live in Chicago. What you call a machine is hardly a machine. I voted for Simon, but I’m still pretty sure my trash is going to get picked up. Levin’s at least related to two very good members of Congress in Carl and Sander Levin, so this guilt by association can work both ways. At least give him a chance.

  • Homer Fink

    @DAB well put. We will.

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com Doug Biviano

    I want to thank everyone and personally congratulate Steve Levin. When you do this you learn volumes. No matter what anyone may want to think of Steve and despite my own criticisms of his association with Vito Lopez in this race, it must be said that he worked long and hard. I ran into nobody more — campaigning on the ground in all neighborhoods — than Steve. I think this speaks a little about both of our campaigns, but most of all that Steve was out there greeting and listening in everyone’s neighborhood. It’s now our job to be the squeaky wheel in all neighborhoods and perhaps leverage the machine to deliver for all of us in the tough times ahead.

    Again, thank you Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, DUMBO, Vinegar Hill, Williamsburg and Greenpoint for all of your support, your contributions and for being receptive to the end in a relentless storm of canvassing.

    I will write some time soon about the many successes in our campaign from bringing healthcare to the fore as a local issue to U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich insisting that we get Charlotta Janssen’s “Bus Boycotters & Freedom Riders” art exhibition before the National Black Caucus to bring to Washington to be viewed by millions. The exhibition will be on display until we close down our 89 Montague office in a couple of weeks so please come on by to view and chat.

    Thanks everyone for a wonderful opportunity in pursuit of my dream of public service. It’s been a rush. Ciao.

  • nabeguy

    Sorry for the loss, Doug, but thanks for the run and the ideas you put forward. Now go and relax, you’re feet must be killing you.

  • Sad Progressive

    Why can’t fresh thinkers or strong progressives like Messrs Biviano or Baer get elected. This is so disappointing. :(

    John Wentling, the metallic headwear you’re sporting is absolutely smashing! One of the few sane members of Congress endorses a candidate and you see this as a liability. In this neighborhood. Uh-huh. Now run along, methinks your six-eyed alien compadres have a transmission a-comin in.

  • nabeguy

    Can we put the tin-foil metaphors to rest, please? It’s getting tired, regardless of which side it’s coming from. By the way, I can vouch for John, even if I don’t always agree with his politics. He’s definitely not a six-eyed alien…more the six-shooter type…and a straight-shooter at that.

  • x


    Please don’t disappear from the political game and try again next election!

  • hoppy

    I’m not sure if Doug is a fellow Mets fan, but if so he’ll take some consolation in not finishing dead last.

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com/index.php/squibb Doug Biviano

    Mets, thanks. But my campaign, our campaign, was a success in so many ways. And I’m feeling great about what we accomplished in five months with half the money. I will write about this when I have the time.