Work Begins on Squibb Park

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the Parks Department has begun renvoation work on Squibb Park.   As previously reported, plans are to add “skate elements” to the playground.  The report adds that City Council D-33 candidate Doug Biviano’s suggestion to use the area as  a temporary schoolyard for P.S. 8 students is being considered.

Brooklyn Eagle: Most of the work is concentrated on the park house/comfort station, whose windows and doors have been stripped and whose roof is being re-done. But another workman was also cleaning a rock wall on the north side of the playground.

A call to the Parks Department revealed that “Squibb Park is expected to open in the spring. Our intention in Phase 1 is to put some skate elements in the park as well as the improved landscaping, new fencing and new pavement. Work has already begun on the comfort station. Total construction cost is $1.2 million.”

Later, Parks press officer Meghan Lalor added that “discussions had begun after it was announced that P.S. 8 would temporarily close its own playground due to construction work.”

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  • nabeguy

    What more “skate elements” does the partk need beyond the act of actually getting down to the bottom?

  • AEB

    Obviously a skate-themed miniature golf course…..

  • nabeguy

    Great idea! Catch you on the 19th hole…or would that be 19th roll given the skate theme?