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Brooklyn Heights resident/BHB contributor/WPIX-TV personality Mark Joyella (aka @standupkid on the Twitter) is annoying.  Well, at least that’s what his wife Tiffanie Wong (aka @mrsstandupkid on aforementioned the Twitter) says on her new blog called, ummm duh, My Husband is Annoying.

How annoying? She says he wears the same green sweater in every family photo, gave her a calculator for her birthday and loves fart jokes.  Frankly, all that does is remind your humble publisher of why he likes they guy.

Mrsstandupkid adds, “I love my husband tons but Dear God, he can irritate the crap outta me.”

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  • AliG

    Love this blog, the Deal or No Deal entry is hysterical!!
    Doesn’t this guy look like Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame) with hair…

  • Mark Joyella

    Mr. Fink!

    You have outdone yourself, sir! I wonder if I’ll become one of those famous neighborhood types mentioned on the walking tours… “in this building lives the ‘annoying husband,’ and if it were only a little cooler today, we might get a chance to see him come out in his famous green sweater!”


    The Annoying Husband

  • Homer Fink

    I’m trying to find the Green Sweater for purchase online btw.

  • Bart

    He is also moderately odd looking, perhaps cartoonish.

    I hope she never stops enjoying living with cartoon character.

  • David

    Is The Annoying Husband interested in having blind man dates at Five Guys? I’ve got the ‘Pull My Finger’ iPhone Fart App!

  • Andrew Porter

    He reminds me vaguely of the “hero” in the movie FLUSHED AWAY. Of course, that character *is* a rat. But a very nice rat, who gets the girl at the end…

  • Josh

    I am hooked! This is truly hilarious and I will watch PIX news more often to get a glimpse of our local man!

  • Tiffanie Wong

    I must interject here…my husband IS annoying but I don’t think he really resembles a cartoon character. (Though I have to admit I’ve never seen ‘Flushed Away’…)

    Josh, you can see the Annoying Husband on ‘Toni On! New York’ – Saturdays @7:30pm on WPIX.

    If you enjoy the blog, become a fan on Facebook! ( And if anybody has any of their own annoying husband/boyfriend/wife/life partner stories they’d like to share, send ’em my way!

  • AEB

    I’m sorry, but the sweater–as depicted, at least–is not green but gray.

    Now, if the sweater is in fact green, can we assume that the Ausfahrt sign is not blue and orange but…something else entirely?

    All reasonable responses entertained.

  • The Where

    It’s olive drab if you want to get technical.

  • AEB

    Where, have you seen it? In the flesh? If not…

  • Sticky

    Here comes Tiffanie Wong with a shameless plug for her website. Two words.


  • MarkJoyella


    The sweater is a faded green. It’s way too warm to wear it in public to prove that, and it’s sort of in a time out right now anyway.

    And as for you, Sticky. “Shameless” is a shoe that seems to fit you well.

    Annoying (and Annoyed) Husband

  • AEB

    Thanks, Mark.

    Matters of color are extremely delicate, no?

  • MarkJoyella

    Well, yes. Especially in this case. The sweater started as a more classic green but has faded over time from being worn into the ground. I fear for its future and may consult with the Smithsonian on color restoration and fabric renewal ideas, akin to the work done on the original Old Glory.

  • AEB

    …you have my sympathy and support.

  • Sticky

    “Shameless?” Because I am not living to the American Dream of making a fool of myself while trying to get rich. Your five minutes sickens me. American Idol culture at its best. Or maybe I am upset I did not think of this idea first. Ohh wait. I am not.

    You both suck.

  • Sticky

    Please do not email me. If you cannot take criticism do not put yourself in the public eye. Grow a thicker skin. According to the terms of service only the webmaster of this blog is allowed to email me. Ohh you are a contributer, then block, do nto attempt to threaten a reader.

  • nabeguy

    Sticky, for the record, the phenomenon of people trying to get rich while making fools of themselves is not restricted to Americans…we just do it better than anyone else. And if all you can come up with is “you suck” as a coda to your argument, perhaps you should consider the use of de-solvents to loosen up your stickiness.

  • Sticky


  • Jazz

    In Sticky’s case it’s doooshay.

  • mbg27

    As a new reader, I find it necessary to comment. Mark- as you and your wife may find it humorous and socially appropriate to create websites about the nuances of ‘being annoying’ as a husband or whatever, I find it interesting to read about ‘Sticky’s’ social commentaries. The beauty of the internet or blogs as they may be, allow for disputing opinions and varying perspectives. I find it absurd that both you and ‘Jazz’ feel a need to comment, in an elementary school manner, on Sticky’s perspective in a derogatory way. As for Jazz in particular, your comment seemed a bit childish. And Mark- you emailed Sticky to a private account? To me, that is crossing the line. Whatever happened to the right to an opinion? Just a thought with no need for response.

  • No One of Consequence

    Just wait until The Where really lets loose.

  • The Where

    NOOC – I won’t pick on the elderly (mbg27), it’s not very nice and we should be proud that they’ve gotten over their fear of electricity to post here.

  • alex

    In my opinion, there’s a big difference between other perspectives (which are interesting and welcome) and personal attacks (which I for one don’t find interesting or necessary).

  • Mark Joyella

    And there you have it, folks: “you suck” has now been elevated to “social commentary.” Gotta love the interweb.

  • Cranky

    I have to admit, the Robot Dance cracked me up. Uh oh, I might be annoying as well. No I’m just Cranky.

  • joe

    Ok calm down everyone. Remember folks two Wongs don’t make a right. Oh but in this case it’s just one Wong unless Mark decides to take his wife’s name.

    BTW is The Where related to The What? If yes is there a The Who and The How?

  • Andy

    The calculator is a little much as a gift, but we all have to learn somehow

  • Gerti

    I have just read some of the comments here…and I must say it is refreshing to see people communicating…in an honest way…good bad or indifferent. My husband and I have just celebrated 44 years of marriage…lots of annoying habits there from both of us.
    Don’t take things too seriously…have fun…and remeber to love even the annoying parts. I think that is what Tiffanie and Mark have going for each other. Best of Aussie luck to you both in Brooklyn.