Brownstoner: Price Cuts at One BBP

Brownstoner writes today about price reductions at One Brooklyn Bridge Park (aka 360 Furman):

Brownstoner: On the heels of the news that the developer of One Brooklyn Bridge Park has started renting out a small portion of the 300 or so units that remain vacant comes word of price reductions at 15 apartments in the fancy waterfront complex. The affected units range from a 589-square-foot one-bedroom that started out asking $500,000 last December before dropping to $415,000 in June and then $325,000 last week (35 percent off peak!) to a 2,295-square-foot four-bedroom that started out at $2,750,000 before going to $2,295,000 and now $1,995,000. Are these levels starting to get interesting yet?

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  • No One of Consequence

    I park my car there and it’s a schlep once or twice a week when I use it. I couldn’t imagine living all the way down there. Yes, I know, the park, the park.

    It’s silly how they made the “main entrance” in the middle of the building along Furman St. As if the BQE is ever going to go away to allow for some form of grand entry. Instead you would enter at either the north or south end and walk down a corridor for half the length of the building (which probably beats walking outside along the Furman Raceway).

    For the car, it’s ok. It’s cheap and indoors.
    For living? Well, at least it’s indoors.