Mr. Junkersfeld’s Day at the Beach

Ooooooeeeee! It’s hot outside!  How hot?  We’re spelling it chot that’s how bad it is!

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the beach?  That’s exactly what Brooklyn Heights resident/auteur Karl Junkersfeld does in his latest video showing just how easy it is to get to Jacob Riis Park from the Clark Street station.

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  • AEB

    My beach appetite has been officially whetted.

    Thanks, Mr. Junkersfeld.

  • nabeguy

    I absolutely love Riis Park and made this train/bus trip many times in my youth. One warning, however…travel light. At the end of a long day, the only thing you’ll remember is the inconvenience of having to lug beach chairs and ice chests back on the reverse commute, all the while complaining about your sunburn and the sand up your crack. If you go to the right upon arriving at the beach, you’ll head towards Fort Tilden which is usually empty and about close as you can get to a Hamptons experience in Brooklyn (no lifeguards, however). If you veer towards the left, you might run into what used to be the “nude” beach (Riis is Federal). Haven’t been there in quite a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some die-hard sun worshipers still remain.They may look like wallets, but they were always a friendly and welcoming group as I recall.

  • AEB

    …and further along the gay cohort. Or was.

  • Sarah Portlock

    Just be sure to go early! I went this weekend too, but not until about 3 or so… it was standing-room only of all beach-goers (and LOTS of gear) on the Q35 bus, and that’s even after I let the first one go by because it was too full. If you have a car, there’s also a big parking lot there. But, the beach is clean and the waves are great once you get there!

  • lcd

    love the videos – got more? i’m assuming your trip was on a week day judging by the lack of crowds.

  • Annie

    Hi Karl, I will be visiting NYC for a brief 24 hours on a cruise stop over. Although this will be my third visit to NY its the first time I have been across the river.
    As my time is limited I have done some research and came across your short films. I loved them and they have helped me put my itinerary together for my Brooklyn visit.
    I love the River Cafe short and have decided to eat lunch there. The memorial you visited in on another of your films was sad but interesting. We Brits were bad hey!!!
    As I am visiting in January I hope the weather will be kind to me and my mum so we can have a wander around. I am so looking forward to seeing some Brownstones.
    I will make a note to watch out for a man with a camera and say hello.
    I have tried to get information on local tour guides I always feel that is the best way to see a neighbourhood.
    I feel I have found one in you. It rewarding to see a person with such love for his area.
    Regards Annie United Kingdom

  • Homer Fink

    Annie – there are many great walking tour companies who operate in Brooklyn – our pals at Gotham Sidewalks as well as the great Norman Oder at New York Like a Native (, Seth Kamil, the king of all tour guides at Big Onion Tours… and of course, yours truly is a licensed NYC tour guide as well. Enjoy your trip!