Open Thread Wednesday


Another week and another open thread:

Spring is here — all hail the puppet parade

What's with the street sign art? 

Remember to take our poll!

Boccelism wins FloydNY bocce tourney again. Dynasty? 

Clark Street station elevator blues.  

Anyone see Clinton

And whatever else is on your mind.


BHB Photo Club picture by dietrich via Flickr

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  • CroutonBoy

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the scaffolding on Pineapple Walk?

    And re: sports bars I agree…the options are limited. Floyds is OK for some sports, but Waterfront and Henry Stale House have only a couple TVs. I think there’s some potential in Dumbo (I think the one I’m thinking of is called Bridgewaters) but otherwise you pretty much have to head down Court Street.

  • Brian

    Am told it’s so that they can change all the windows in the building on the south side of the walk; aka 101 Clark St.
    It started going up yesterday with no advance (or courtesy) notice.

    Why it has to be the full width of the walkway, I’m not sure.

    Brooklyn Dojo
    93 Pineapple Walk

  • Brian

    I got some more information about this today.
    Technically it´s a ¨sidewalk shed.¨
    The current plan is for it to be up through October barring any manufacturing delays, bad weather, etc.

    All of the business along Pineapple Walk (Peas and Pickles, Heights Kids, Tailored Pet, Heights Hair, Brooklyn Dojo, Park Plaza Restaurant and the Red Cross) will remain open.

    Think of it as a new, covered, open-air mall where you can duck out of a summer rain shower or catch some shade from the hot sun.

  • e-dog

    Hi – I am writing up a little guide to BK Heights. I’m new to the neighborhood. A couple of things I’d like to know from you locals: where is best bike path in heights that connects with dumbo and cobble hill (or as close to the water as possible). I don’t ride, so I am no expert. I am also looking for votes on: best afternoon beer spot (preferably on or near the water); best lazy Sunday afternoon spot; best thing about the neighborhood in general (this is random and should take up no more than 15 words – or a sentence).
    look forward to your votes!