Eagle: Nabe Silent on Clark Elevators

The Brooklyn Eagle reports today that while an article this week in the NY Sun and chatter on "blogs" (who…us?) has indicated that the breakdowns of the Clark Street subway station's elevators is a critical problem for commuters, complaints to goverment agencies do not reflect the public's dissatisfaction:

Brooklyn Eagle: Clark Street Elevators Not Seen as a Major Problem: Although the elevators at the No. 2 and 3 trains’ Clark Street station may have their problems, Brooklyn Heights residents are not necessarily up in arms about them. An article in the New York Sun on April 30, much quoted by blogs since then, says that “over the past two years, the three elevators at Clark Street have broken down almost 400 times.” However, this situation — unlike the earlier elevators, which were replaced in 2000 — hasn’t generated many complaints, at least through official channels.

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  • nabeguy

    Considering they’re only 5 years old, the frequent breakdowns are an annoyance. But anyone who remembers the prevous elevators knows things have improved. Now if they could just add or move the turnstiles to the left of the booth, the in/out traffic would improve. Going through those turnstiles at rush hour is like a rugby scrum!

  • James

    They are not five years old, they are older – they installed USED elevators when that work was done years ago – USED ELEVATORS! That is why they always break down. One wonders if they would have given a Manhattan station used elevators?

  • Kris

    When it gets really packed I go for the the stairs. Why don’t they make that more accessible or at least encourage folks to use the stairs?