Comedy at Uncommon Grounds

According to its website, Thursday is comedy night at Uncommon Grounds on Henry Street. Comic Jeff Kreisler (who won an award named after Bill Hicks) and "up and comer" Elizabeth Kenney will perform this week (5/3). Cover is $5. Hopefully the venue's long awaited coffee maker will also be in attendance.

Here's Kreisler in action:

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  • jen

    I checked out Uncommon Grounds today to see if it was open, because I wanted coffee. Still no. Siggy’s is still the best coffee on Henry.

  • xm

    Have you tried the Busy Chef’s? Their coffee is roasted by mitch from real coffee corp, he’s well spoken of on chowhound…. I’d say Busy Chef has it over Siggy’s. It look’s like UC’s coffee is from Seattle’s Best.

  • old guy

    Geez! Am I the only guy who watched this ‘blast from the past’ talent?
    Takes an old man back to Lennie, Mort, George and Bill.
    Bring back the good old days of cutting edge genius with a twinkle in it’s eye.

  • jen

    OK I tried Busy Chef’s coffee on your recommendation XM. The good: the staff is very pleasant.

    The bad: I waited for a while without being helped, then when I ordered my small coffee it was cold. I wasn’t going to say anything but the girl behind the counter had noticed the cup was cold and offered to get me a fresh cup. I waited while she went into the back and brewed more (if I had realized this I would have just left). The manager/chef asked if I was being helped and I said yes. She came back, gave coffee to and rang up someone who came after me, and then finally gave me my cup, and walked away again.

    I hadn’t paid yet! So I had to wait for someone else to be freed up to take my money. I could have easily left.

    When I tasted the coffee, it was hazelnut. And not that good – I like hazelnut but this tasted burnt and I poured it out. What with that and the off salad, I am done with Busy Chef, although I wish them well. They just need to be more on top of things, they are a new place so maybe it’s just growing pains.