Throwdown on Cranberry


Being "inconsiderate" is bad and we can all agree that "rude" is a category of human that we could all live without. Add "angry" to that and someone of that nature could just plain ruin your day. Witness this exchange between what seems to be two Cranberry Street residents posted on a garage door:

Typed: Dear Inconsiderate driver, The next time you park here and block my garage, I will have you towed.

Handwritten response: Dear Angry Person, I was an accident. No need to be rude. We have the same landlord.

Whose side are you on? Take our poll.

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  • yo

    no excuse for parking in front of someone’s driveway or garage….

    accident = laziness

  • Mike

    I’ve been driving and PARKING, for a long time. I have never had an “accident” like that.

  • yo

    the guy with the blocked driveway should have had the offending car “accidentally” towed…..

  • nabeguy

    What makes this person think that having the same landlord entitles them to being inconsiderate of their neighbors, especially one they may have to pass in the hallway? Having a driveway myself, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when people treat it like a parking space. The worst example was when people moving in next door had their broken down rental van towed into my driveway and dumped there. It was too big to be towed by the city, and because it was a holiday weekend, the rental company wouldn’t do a thing. I ended up having to find a private tower to haul it away after 4 hours.

  • Rudy

    Inconsiderate needs to learn how to drive and exist in a society where parking is at a premium and some lucky few have driveways, in other words, to deal with it. When faced with similar situations, like an ass pulling front first into a space I’m clearly trying to back into, I’m partial to ‘accidentially’ letting the air out of a few tires, or ‘accidentially’ gouging a key into the finish down the length of the car.

  • pbdotc

    that driver didn’t deserve a warning

  • jen

    it would be nice if Inconsiderate had apologized for the accident. also isn’t it rude to call people rude?

  • nabeguy

    Having a driveway myself and the frustration that comes with it, I don’t necessarily think that damaging someone’s car is the proper response to this scenario, although I’ll admit that the temptation is sometimes there. But in answer to “me”, let me tell you from experience that people normally do not “just run in for a second” and have never shown the courtesy of knocking on my door to ask permission to block me in. And conversely, there are the shmucks who block me OUT of my driveway, leaving me to be one of those poor souls driving around for 3 hours to find a space, when I have my own personal spot.

  • JL

    Agree with others, next time the offenders car should be towed (if the driver owner was handicapped, this would be an even bigger issue). Or, put a sign at the front of the driveway stating the above. How about permits, at the very least, it would only BH proven-residents to park on the street, not those from outside the area who clog up the streets daily (those from LI, NYC, other parts of BKLYN).

    I do not agree with those who would damage the car in anyway. Towing is the best policy.

  • JL

    Sorry, should have spell/grammar checked the above. My corrections for those counting: “if the driveway owner”, “it would only allow BH”, “damage the car in any way”.

  • Courteous non-car owner

    Don’t even have a car, but totally side with the maligned ‘angry person’ who should be known as ‘polite person’ for being courteous enough to not tow the car – now that inconsiderate driver has shown him/herself to be a neighbor of the polite person, this just means the risk of a confrontation is even higher. Inconsiderate person is really just a freaking jerk.

  • nabeguy

    By the way, having actually gone through the process of having someone towed, you first must call the local police precinct to have the offending car ticketed, as no private tower will take a car unless it is “tagged”. the reaction that I got from the desk person at the 84th, I gathered that they get this call quite often.By the time all of this actually falls into place, you’re looking at anywhere to 3 to 4 hours

  • nabeguy

    Ooops, sorry about that, must have hit the submit button by accident.
    That should read…”Based on the reaction that I got…”

  • JR

    Rude is parking just far enough from the corners or driveways to allow Mini Cooper to park. And in this neighborhood there are a lot of offenders. One spot people, we’ll all get along better…

  • above average joe

    JR… do you know “angry” and “inconsiderate” ?

  • JR

    Don’t know them. I look at this as an “us vs. them” (them being the PVB and those tow trucks that prowl our neighborhood like sharks) sorta thing. Just need to be considerate of others. I’ve gone so far as to move from my spot to give it up to a larger car that could not fit in a smaller spot further up the block. Height of arrogance and stupidity I’ve encountered in the neighborhood: cop in an unmarked Crown Vic on his cell phone taking up two spots and who would not move (yeah, I asked) until I had already found a spot two blocks away on Hicks. If you live in NYC, you’re already taxed out the _ss; there’s no need to add to the coffers via ticket and tow.

  • nabeguy

    Too bad the neighborhood was laid out in the horse and buggy days. Otherwise we’d all have driveways!

  • lazy legs

    “Angry” has every right to be angry and “Inconsiderate” proved him/herself to be not only inconsiderate, but a straight up jerk, too, by giving a defensive response instead of an apology.

    That said, what does it say about us as a community that a spat over a parking space garners 18 (now 19) comments? Don’t we have more important things to talk about?

  • jen

    to be fair, lazy legs, it was a poll directly soliciting feedback.

  • Tim N.

    Frankly, the guy got off easy if all he got was a note. There’s a guy who parks near my corner (CH/Clark) and he was two feet into the Witnesses driveway on Pineapple (the one that’s wide enough for a truck) and he got three of his windows broken.

    “Inconsiderate” is, in truth, more “lucky”.

  • carless observer

    I like to comment on parking spats in my spare blog-reading time.

    I believe driver was defensive because the note was personally insulting and accusatory (i.e., “Dear INCONSIDERATE driver”).

    There is no need to use the word inconsiderate, especially if it was one isolated incident. Starting a letter with an insult will reliably provoke a hostile response. Perhaps driver did made an honest mistake.

    That said, whoever left the letter had every right to tow the car right then and there with no warning. Even honest mistakes have consequences.

  • noone of consequence

    It’s just a guess, but something says to me that this wasn’t the first infraction, thus prompting the use of “inconsiderate.”

  • Arthur_G

    whatever happened to leaving a cell number in the windshield like on opposite side parking days in the city? it’s not like anyone has a land line they can stalk you too anymore.

    but it doesn’t sound like either of these people are adept at forethought.

  • rms

    General comment here about parking: The offender here probably became so frustrated at the lack of spaces that he took his chances parking by the driveway. Inexcusable, but his situation might not have become so desperate if the drivers of the legally parked cars in our neighborhood were more considerate. Seriously neighbors, you don’t need 7 or even 2 full feet of space between your bumper and the next car. And don’t blame it on the 30-foot long Hummer that was parked in front of you yesterday or the cooper mini that took his spot. I routinely see my neighbors leaving obscene distances between their cars and the next car. 1 foot on each side is plenty of distance to get your car in and out easily.

  • alex k

    speaking of street parking, does anyone have more information about the vandalism/theft of the several cars that were parked on/near middagh st in early november 2006, possibly some friday night? i searched the blog but saw no mention, and someone told me there were a few dozen cars affected (mine being one of them). window busted in, radio was stolen and my car was waterlogged (because i didn’t return to the car until after the weekend storm). i filed a police report, wondering if any one knew anything more?