Open Thread Wednesday


Another week and another open thread:

Spring is here — all hail the puppet parade

What's with the street sign art? 

Remember to take our poll!

Boccelism wins FloydNY bocce tourney again. Dynasty? 

Clark Street station elevator blues.  

Anyone see Clinton

And whatever else is on your mind.


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  • MBF

    Well I finally made it, moved into the neighborhood last night. Anyone know what’s the best sports bar around? I’m hoping to get out Saturday night and watch the De La Hoya/Mayweather match.

  • Claude Scales

    That duck looks deranged.

  • el

    must’ve miss the poll – where is it?

  • nabeguy

    MBF, welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t think of any real sports bars around here. Best bet might be O’Keefes on Court Street. Or pick up one of the local newspapers for listings.

  • CB_Photography

    O’Keefe’s is OK as a sports bar. There are lots of screens, but the sound is frequently turned down. The crowd is a strange mix. Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic can be a decent place to watch the game, and has above average pub food. Floyd is good for English Premier League soccer on the weekends, and bocce of course, but so much for other sports. (It’s a terrific overall bar though) Eamon Doran on Montague is a comfortable alternative, but whether they are cooperative with the sound and the channel depends on the whim of the bartender.

    I guess I’m realizing that there is no great sports bar option in the neighborhood.

  • yo

    plus, that fight won’t be on in any bar as it’s pay-per-view…..

  • Lance

    It’s summer, so time to be run-over by annoying cyclists on the bridge! Cycling when it is that crowded is annoying in itself, but when the cyclists themselves are annoying, with the bells, the smugness, and unnecessarily form-fitting outfits, well . . .

  • nabeguy

    Lance, but obviously not Armstrong!

  • JL

    Speaking of bikes, can anyone recommend a bike store nearby? Not looking for anything too fancy, just something to get across the bridge on and run over (un)suspecting pedestrians. (JK Lance).

    Anyone know when Oven will open?

  • xm

    I like the poll idea, but don’t polls usually only run for a set amount of time? You should do a different one each day or week.

  • Brooklyn Nick

    My favorite local sports bar (not technically in Brooklyn heights) is Cody’s down on court street btw pacific and amity they usually have everything I want to see and the service and crowd is way better than O’Keefes. It’s laid back and the staff is super nice. Also, the prices are a good deal cheaper than O’keefes. If I don’t go there I usually go over to park slope to 200 Fifth (which is the name and the adress of the bar – makes it easy)

  • EJ

    Re: Bike Shop – check out Recycle-A-Bicycle on Washington St. in Dumbo. I picked up a great, affordable used bike down there last year. They also include 3 months of service, which is nice with a used bike. There’s a proper bike shop on Atlantic b/t Smith and Boerum as well. For super-cheap, Target has bikes?

  • JL

    Thanks EJ, will check out the Dumbo bike shop you mentioned.

  • MBF

    Oven was supposed to open last night, correct? Anyone check it out?

  • CB_Photography

    Re: Bikes on Brooklyn Bridge — There’s a reason for the line that separates the “biking” section from the “walking/running” section. I do both, and I find that the much more pervasive problem is pedestians who block the bike path than bikers veering into the pedatian path. If we all stay to our respective sides, we can all get along!

  • hoppy

    Since we’ve already has ISOs for sports bars and bike shops, can anyone recommend a good Dentist in the BH area? My old dentist in Manhattan just retired and I’d like to find a local one this time around.

  • hoppy

    Actually, never mind the last post on the dentist question (too personal). Just to add to the BB bicycle contorversy, the biggest problem is that there are many foreign tourists on the bridge, and there are really not enough clear markings (only very faded yellow characters) to indicate that the north lane is for bicycles, so many of them don’t know any better…If you’re desperate to zoom into NY, the Manhattan Bridge bike lane is far less obstructed.

  • noone of consequence

    “Ignorantia juris non excusat”
    So many of the tourists walk around without a hint of common sense or awareness of their surroundings.
    The markings use recognizable symbols and it shouldn’t take long to figure out to stay to one side with the number of bicycles that whiz by.

  • Tim N.

    Lance, you’re dead wrong.

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

    There is a bike lane for bikes. Notice I said for bikes. Not annoying tourists with cameras, not people who want to walk four abrest, blocking their own lane for joggers, etc. and not for folks who are just to dumb or arrogant to follow the rules. You stay on your side of the bridge, we’ll stay on ours. But you should know, we ring our bells BECAUSE YOU ARE IN OUR WAY… probably in our lane!

    I have been riding across the bridge for three years now and I have never seen an interaction between a cyclinst and a twoleg that wasn’t solely and completely the fault of the pedestrian.

    Just though you should know we can give as good as we get.

  • Tim N.

    Sorry for the bad spelling. It happens when I get ticked off, like when I have to confront the unholy alliance of pure arrogance and pure ignorance.

  • above average joe

    if you want to ride a bike, move to China.

  • xm

    I think it’s been pointed out before and now it all makes sense. You are a very negative person, who does nothing more than spout out nonsence. You must be a very lonely and sad person. Maybe you should go out and try and make some friends. I hope things start to go better for you. (Joe, Not your average Joe, etc)

  • Lance

    I I hear you on the tourists — my only excursions into the bike lane are briefly to pass them while running. But the fact is, cyclists go too fast for such crowdedness — ignorantly and arrogantly. Thus, during the transit strike, the NYPD asked in their manner riders to walk the bikes. A few weeks ago, during the MS walk and the first nice Saturday in a while, it got with the crazy. However, the logical explanation would be to make the whole thing for walking during peak hrs, as the bridge is itself wickedly narrow, not to mention that given America’s current accounts deficit, we need the tourists’s Euros!

    Tim, I guess it wasn’t you who tried to pass me by going to the far left of the running lane coming the other direction, nor when I was cut off by a cyclist who lacked the physical werewithal to climb the bridge, and thus bobbed and weaved all over the bridge. So, thank you.

  • yo

    fight fight fight

  • Heights97

    I’m late to open thread Wednesday, but here’s a question: What’s happening to the Peaks Mason Mints building on the corner of Henry and Middagh? It’s been vacant for a long time. I heard something a while ago about condos being constructed in the garden next door to the building, but what about the building itself? More so-called luxury condos? And you think it’s hard getting a table at Noodle Pudding now?

  • anon

    so tired of reading about Judy Stanton as the voice of the neighborhood – all she does is complain and is so petty

  • Nick

    Hey anon, You’re sooo right. Judy Stanton is not the voice of the neighborhood, rather the voice of “garden Place” & The Heights Casino. As for Tim N’s comment. , I have been an avid bike rider & have been riding and walking over the bridge for 30+ years and both are to blame. Bikers are arrogant and tourists are ignorant, so get over it! Just because it is a designated bike lane doesn’t mean bikers have the right to act like a freakin’ maniac if someone happens to step into your precious path. Slow down!!!!!!! It’s not a Thruway, but I guess since you’ve been riding over the bridge for a “whole 3 years now, You’re pretty much an authority on bridge sharing ettiquiette. I’ve seen a few bikers lose control and hit pedestrians who were not doing anything wrong.

  • Nick

    P.S. “Brooklyn Nick” is right. The only thing close to a sports bar in the neighborhood is Cody’s, and yes they are super nice, price is right and the crowd very “Brooklyn”. 200 fifth is cool , but they can get really crowded at times, especially weekends.

  • Claude Scales

    anon & Nick: I feel compelled to write this because I’ve known and liked Judy Stanton for some years, although we aren’t close friends. I live on Montague, not Garden Place, and I’m not a Casino member. What puzzles me about your comments (especially Nick’s) is that you imply some sort of class divide in the Heights that I’ve never sensed. One thing that has always impressed me since I moved to the Heights is the openness of the community and lack of any snob element. I’d be curious to know if and why you disagree, and, in particular, what issues you think divide the community. I know there are strong differences of opinion, for example, on the existing plans for the waterfront park, but I don’t see these breaking on class lines. Please correct me if you think I’m wrong.

  • xm

    third time is the charm? ;)