Open Thread Wednesday


Another week, another bunch of stuff to talk about.

Yassky Voting for Pedicabs [epc] – Are pedicabs really stupid?

Uncommon Grounds, can it be the real deal? 

Have you seen The Sublet Experiment?

The dangerous intersection at Adams Street. What needs to be done? 

Want a wedding dress

And ofcourse, we expect to see you tonight at (our sponsor) Mr. Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Trivia Challenge at Magnetic Field.

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  • Just me

    Uncommon grounds looks real – lots of comfy-looking furniture was visible in the window yesterday! And, on Montague Street, guys were hauling out shelves and mirrors from the former “Rose Valley” – wonder what’s headed in there? Will we ever get a kid’s shoe store or clothing store (or do the guys from Heights Kids scare them all off?!?!)?
    Have you seen the web site & menu for Five Guys Burgers? Grand Canyon may face some trouble…
    Has anyone ever been into the ‘new’ accessory store (Blue Rose?) on Montague at Hicks?

  • embee

    OK, so the building two doors down is being gut renovated. I work at home. Yes, I am going BONKERS with the noise. It’s not constant throughout the day, but when it’s noisy, it’s very noisy (and living in this ‘hood, even on a busy street, I am not used to this disruption). Do I have any right to ask the owner for some kind of goodwill gesture or outright compensation for having to suffer through this for who knows how long? Or is it just too bad for me? I am thinking most likely the latter, but … anyone have any idea?

  • BP

    I’m hearing Starbucks is going to move into the fomerly Mike’s Steakhouse space.

  • JL

    BP, any more info. Nothing seems to work in the Mike’s Steakhouse spot, so something like SB with huge backing may do the trick.

    Is the Cigar Bar hoax now confirmed?

    Looking forward to the new burger joint. The next (or first)promenade “Shake Shack” perhaps?

    Not sure how “new” Blue Rose is. I admit I am surprised they are still around. They don’t seem to get too much traffic. The loss of TdL can’t help much.

  • BP

    Sorry, no more info, but I’ll keep my ears open. Agreed, something with deep pockets might stand a better chance. Who knows how this might affect Uncommon Grounds. I guess those who have something against “evil franchises” will have an alternative.

  • Average Joe

    Busy Chef is opening this weekend, and they have posted a menu on their website.

  • Average Joe

    I think the two places can co-exist!

  • Just me

    I think they can coexist – if Cranberries had espresso machines, I’d be a more loyal customer … but it’s not the coffee place that may hurt them, it’s the busy chef!

  • nabeguy

    Unless he owns them under different names, James Montemarano only own the building that houses Cranberry’s. Uncommon Ground is shaping up to look pretty common…generic cafe chairs, 3 faux antique lounge chairs, small baked goods display. Nothing that should be a threat to Cranberry’s, especially if they’re going after the espresso market.

  • BP

    He also owns the blue building between Henry’s End and Noodle Poodle, or sold it just recently.