Uncommon Grounds to Feature Live Shows?

Over the weekend, Uncommon Grounds fleshed out its website a little — an "invitation only" performance dubbed "Uncommon Comedy" by comic Andy Vastola will take place there on Thursday. No word on an official opening date.

Also this promotional text has appeared:

small_logo.jpgBrooklyn hasn't always been the center of the coffee universe, in fact the city once served as much bad coffee as the rest of the country. That changed when a group of passionate coffee lovers started a revolution.

The founders of Uncommon Grounds were some of these early coffee pioneers, and in the beginning the coffee was roasted in an old peanut roaster down on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Today, the coffee revolution has spread across America and now good coffee is fashionable everywhere. And we had a part in getting it started.

There are many great coffees roasted in Brooklyn, but only one offers the bold flavor and smooth taste that is Uncommon.

It's unclear at this time whether this venture is linked to Manhattan based Uncommon Grounds Inc., who recently sued Park Slope eatery Little Dishes for trademark infringement over its use of the name "Dishes", which the company owns. If they're not related can we expect similar action? Seems unlikely as there are many other unaffiliated coffee shops with that name nationwide. Little Dishes changed its name to Little D to avoid costly litigation.


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  • BP

    but somehow appropriate given the history of that intersection

  • JGirl

    what’s the deal with uncommon grounds…are they open? has anyone gone in there recently?

  • mia

    Does this new place, ‘Uncommon grounds” have any relation to the coffee shop ‘Uncommon ground” in Saratoga Springs, NY?

  • Jazz

    Mia buy a calendar.