Brigates Win (Sorta); Mrs. Fink Beats Homer


At Floyd NY today, Brigate Bocce ended its season with a "win" as this week's opponent, Jerk Store, needed to cancel due to illness. But that didn't stop the Finks from staging their own Battle of the Sexes.

Despite Homer's tenacious come back after falling behind 5 – 0, the fairer Fink ended up triumphant.

Fink held court outside of Floyd and told reporters, "La donna vincerà sempre. E migliore ha lasciato questo accadere che il combattimento esso. Crederlo. Così va."

The Brigates finish the season at 4 – 4 and enter the playoffs in two weeks and they'll be entering into a heavy training schedule Fink says. "Ci arresteremo a niente, tranne godere il trivia con il Sig. Dick Swizzle, per vincere quel trophy questo anno."

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