New Neighbor: Uncommon Grounds

A sign has been posted on the Henry Street site formerly known as Cranberry Place announcing that Uncommon Grounds is opening there soon.

Update: The Uncommon Grounds web address,, is registered under  Christopher Fehlinger’s name. Fehlinger is the force behind the bitterwaitress website (we love it) and we also believe he was manager of Food Maestro — so it appears that there’s still some connection to the Corner of Cranberry folks in this new venture. All we have to say is if the Joe is good, the seats comfy and the WiFi free, it could be a winner.

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  • Miriam

    I am think that this is another thing like with the cigar paper posted on the old barbeque place. Probably just painting.

  • Average Joe

    Nope. It’s real.

  • bongo

    Now if that doesn’t sound like a coffee shop, I don’t know what does.

  • beth

    Comfortable coffee shop please!!!

  • Arthur_G

    but what about Siggy’s?

  • frelkins

    please let it be a real coffee shop with real coffee and professional baristi — because i am tired of having to trek to gimme for a decent shot if i wanna go out. the lack of real coffee in our nabe is why i have so much commercial coffee equipment in my kitchen. i mean, everytime i ask myself, why do i have 2 commercial single-group machines, i have to answer: because gimme is very far away!

  • Sasca

    are they related to the jackasses who own the building?

  • Average Joe

    Nope, and do we really need to use profanity? It truly shows a lack of intelligence.

  • Jack

    Can’t wait. If it’s a place I can read, sip, and snack, I’m there! And live entertainment sounds like icing. My fingers are crossed. Put me on your mailing list.