Pedestrian Killed on Adams Street

Police are investigating the death of an unidentified man in his 40s who was struck and killed by a car on Adams St. this afternoon. The incident occurred at 1:45 p.m. near Tillary St., and was witnessed by police officers who immediately began administering first aid.

Other officers, including one with Paramedic training, arrived and initiated CPR until an ambulance arrived. The man was transported to Long Island College Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The driver of the offending vehicle remained at the scene, and was visibly shaken. No charges were said to be pending against him.


Photos by Marc Hermann for BHB. 

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  • jev

    I heard the accident out my window from my apartment above. I thought it was a vehicle-vehicle collision from the sound of it. Truly horrific. The driver was very distraught. I’ve witnessed probably a dozen of car accidents at this extremely dangerous intersection, but this was by far the worst. The city really should post “dangerous intersection” signs on all roads approaching the area. The intersection is way too confusing for drivers and pedestrians not familiar with the area. The interesection is always littered with sharp pieces if metal, glass, and plastic from the constant car accidents.

  • liz cooke

    I couldn’t agree more that changes are required at this very dangerous intersection. Obsolete and seemingly improvised traffic patterns here require an immediate solution — one which factors in pedestrians and bicyclists. Traffic here is a scary harbinger for the proposed development of the Atlantic Yards site. Traffic at Flatbush and Atlantic, like Adams and Tillary, is truly terrifying. Somebody needs to make fixing these nightmare conditions a priority.

  • NYC 911medic

    This is one of the most complex and confusing intersections in NYC; with I believe the most complex traffic signal pattern. While not directed at the specifics of this tragic accident, the NYPD needs to enforce the city limit, as well as target aggressive drivers and red light runners. Pedestrians as well need to be much safer in downtown Brooklyn. Nannies and parents alike push strollers into intersections ahead of themselves while looking to cross against the light, and if I had a camera mounted on the dash on my ambulance, you’d be amazed by the vehicle and pedestrian frenzy. Downtown Brooklyn’s development has made this exponentially worse in the 10 years I’ve covered this area.

  • Aaron

    There’s a great proposal for a bike flyway from that Korean War park to the Bridge. That’d certainly help sort out the cyclist side of things.

  • will.xls

    Every time I cross that intersection I feel like I am about to die. It’s like going into no-mans-land in WWI. Its too bad, the WWII memorial is going to be beautiful when they are finished with it.

  • Nicolo Macchiavelli

    Forget confusing, the drivers for the most part simply don’t follow the rules at that intersection. Especially the illegal turns from the straight only lanes. There must be ten violations with each light change. What ever happened to the broken window theory of law enforcement. The police simply look the other way. Many of the drivers are unbelievably aggressive. City Hall is much more concerned with Critical Mass.

  • BP

    I have made that same right turn from the straight only lanes because it´s so confusing having the divided lanes. And if you don´t make that turn, you end up in Manhattan.
    For starters, they should get rid of the lane division and the row of parking along the divider.

  • jen

    I also want to add that the traffic officers are the worst offenders on this corner. When they aren’t leaning agaist the wall of the diner on the corner talking to each other they are directing vehicle traffic and don’t consider pedistrian traffic at all. I have crossed as they were chilling out and have almost been hit by traffic going through their red light and no assistance was offered. I have also crossed the street with my son in a stroller and they have directed cars against the light to drive towards us as we cross. On Friday, I was crossing around 4pm – unaware of the fatal accident – and as I was crossing with my right away – a traffic cop gestured to the brooklyn bound bridge traffic to move – as we were in the middle of the street!! Something must be done. Any ideas where to start?

  • epc

    Where to start? Contact Yassky, contact the DOT. Call 311.

    Support the efforts by Transportation Alternatives, read

    The position of the DOT and city government has been to prioritize vehicular traffic over pedestrians, cyclists, and whatever other forms of traffic exist in the city. This will only change if the politicians and bureaucrats are called to account by the rest of us (I drive, about once a month, the rest of the time I walk or subway).

  • Lou K.

    I’m with epc.