Brooklyn Heights Tire Slasher on the Loose?

This just in from the BHB Inbox:

I am curious to see if anyone else has reported a string of tires being slashed in the past 48 hours. 2 of our tires were slashed on Joralemon Street (between Hicks and Willow) between Monday and Tuesday nights.  My husband said a woman stopped him last night (as he was waiting for the tow truck..) and said she thought another 12 or so cars has been hit.

Then we counted 4 on Hicks Street this morning.

Any other reports?

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  • One Tire Down

    We got one of our tires slashed as well. We also saw a lot of smashed windows and keyed cars, so we consider ourselves lucky to have only lost a tire.

  • adam

    probably a green guerilla type. A “cars are evil and the bourgeoisie is killing the planet” thinker. Definitely associated with St. Anne’s School, either a current student or an alum.

  • Harry the Horse

    re: Adam: always difficult to take one who is incapable of spelling “Ann” correctly seriously.

  • nabeguy

    St. Ann’s…hot-bed of eco-terrorism. What a goof.

  • Matthew Parker

    I have some fresh and very lame St. Ann’s grafitti on the light post near my house.

    It’s 10pm, do you know where your children are?

    They are tagging the nabe thinking are in the 21st century version of Style Wars.

  • sue

    How do you know it’s St. Ann’s? Do they sign it: We the students of St. Ann’s? After all that’s a dead giveaway.

  • Eddy

    Dam, I got all four of my tires slashed back in February… down on Congress St. wonder if it is the same perp… Also I doubt it’s motivated by any higher cause, it just seems like old-fashioned vandalism..

  • meyer lansky

    hey kids…
    i came to ths site off of a google news alert for ecoterrorism…the
    above comment as to how it must be a green type…just makes me laugh to myself…we have been hearing lots of stuff about the greening in the innercity stuff for awhile…but out here it was us green types that did what ever it took…and now that we are all looking for more understanding and coalition…diversity and such…which i believe is overdue…just remember it was us earth firsters! that saved so that now youse folks have something left to work with…we saved the northern rockies…not bad…this is meant in a good way and to encourage the idea that with the struggle that we all face to leave our children…a somewhat on a good day with the lights out…positive future it will most likely take all sorts of tactics…just be cautious about jumping the rail when it comes to blme…i mean to tell you that the comment on “some green type” made me at first dismiss ya’ll as some of them folks who equate tree spiking with terrorism…give us a brake…with love and prayers…meyer

  • Jimmy

    Mr. Green Type – it’s called spell check.

  • 170 Joralemon

    Meyer Lansky — St. Ann’s Class of ’78, I presume?

  • north heights res

    Dig the Packer reference, 170.

  • nabeguy

    Jeez Meyer, whatever you’re smoking must be green. Home-grown I presume.

  • meyer lansky

    …hey kids..
    …one yes it is…two the reason why is just for the nice way ya’ll responded to the post…when i use my google news alert for a paticular word search…in you folks’ case ” united staes + ecoterrorism” and it looks cool i will scope it out…i am a medical marijuana cripple west of denver…registered!…and zero bucks!…free to patients that we can help…mainly at this point in my life fifty year olds…like me…and on up…
    …even at that point the only reason that i respond to anything that i saw at all is that i will tend to post after what in my…most likely wrong…view is a touch whack…the jump to green vandals was a bit much…
    …if ya’ll want something green to check out scope the policy debate that is happening with…”are nukes green?”…i did not fight stonybrook to come down to accepting nukes under the guise of a better chance for my childrens future…might want to think about firing up that activism one more time…huh?

    with love and prayers,

    p.s. i did not graduate as i was expelled in 1978…thought that we had a home…yeehaw kids…peace…

  • John

    personally I don’t think the St. Ann’s kids have enough balls to slash car tires.

  • nabeguy

    Meyer, what are you being treated for? Being 50+ myself, maybe I could see the value in a lid or two for my stenosis.

  • Matthew Parker

    @Sue. I suspect it’s St. Ann’s kids, because the graffiti says St. Ann’s in ugly red letters. I don’t think hard core graffitti guys tag with the name St. Ann’s. Also, the graffiti is so poor, it has to be done by amateurs. Most of the tagging in the nabe is of very poor quality.

    Likely some senioritis since the graffitti made its appearance just as the school year was ending.