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BHB Contributor Frances Kuffel Talks Angry Fat Girls

BHB “Lab Lady” Frances Kuffel’s new book Angry Fat Girls: 5 Women, 500 Pounds and a Year of Losing It…Again is in stores now. She was a guest recently on Good Morning Arizona to discuss.

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Pickering was, simply, there for me, a warm sympathetic weight on my thigh, the canine version of a murmuring, back-patting listener.

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Wubba Wander You

The Chuck-it balls I use aren’t cheap so I keep a running tally of where they are in the park. When a ball-thief gets hold of one, I have two options. The first is to ask the owner for help. If the owner tries to get the ball back and can’t, I laugh, sympathize, shrug my shoulders and get on with my life.

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Righteous Indignation

If you want to learn about people, get a dog. If you want to know the depths of people, become a walker.

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Travels with Daisy, Part II

We wrestled through four oatmeal cookies, a complete rearrangement of the furniture, two puncture wounds, numerous scrapes and bruises that were wonderfully livid after my shower the next morning, a stream of barking and my tears, pleading and blood for 75 minutes. I figured, by the time the clerk informed me the plane would be closing its doors in ten minutes, that I’d done ten 75-pound lifts.

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Travels with Daisy – Part I

When my brother stuffed Daisy into the crate at the airport, he turned to me and said, “You know, you don’t have to keep this dog.” His words sealed my pact with the little pagan, although everyone on the plane had to listen to her barking in the hold for the Twin Cities – La Guardia leg of the trip.

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Senior Moment

“Can I pet your dog,” an eleven-year-old boy asked me this afternoon. “If he’s moving, not really.” The kid looked confused. I consider it a civic service to share dog love, but Zanzibar is different. Zanny turned seventeen in April, which, depending on the chart one consults, is either 99 or 119 years old in […]

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