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The Sharks and the Jets: Part I

I sing to my dogs. I grew up on musical comedies, so most of my songs borrow the concepts and tunes from Rogers, Sondheim, Harnick, Lerner, Bernstein, Stein, Hammerstein, Lowe and Bock. The best musical for the business of walking Labrador retrievers, however, is West Side Story, a good choice when you consider that Oliver […]

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Cranberry Warning Vanishes

Was it the heavy rain on Sunday night that caused the sign warning the dog poo leaving “tall blonde man” [sic] to disappear from Cranberry Street?  Or was it an act of retailliation from said TBM?  We may never know.

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Pooch Poo Showdown on Cranberry

BHB snapped this photo of a sign on Cranberry Street between Hicks and Henry on Sunday afternoon. Seems that a “tall blonde young man” has at least one resident miffed as he’s allegedly not cleaning up after his two pooches – a “peke mix and one lhasa mix” according to the angry neighbor.

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What Hurts Today?

Even in hot weather, I take one hot bath a week in order to soften the calluses on my feet so I can razor them off and sand them down. As soon as my left hand hit the water, the bruise I knew Pickering had inflicted – along with a superficial bite – bloomed into […]

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Us Versus Them

In the latest installment of Confessions of a Lab Lady, Frances Kuffel tackles the issue of random food left out on the street causing problems with pooches:

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Brooklyn Heights Pets Feel Recession’s Pinch

The New York Daily News covers the rising cost of pet food today, with a cameo appearance by Pet Emporium owner Sam El Romi:

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Senior Moment

“Can I pet your dog,” an eleven-year-old boy asked me this afternoon. “If he’s moving, not really.” The kid looked confused. I consider it a civic service to share dog love, but Zanzibar is different. Zanny turned seventeen in April, which, depending on the chart one consults, is either 99 or 119 years old in […]

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I’m Looking Through You

BHB Photo Club pic by clarknt67

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