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Bjork Sightings Add Up to She Lives Among Us

Bjork is here! First Qfwfq thought he saw her.  Then our Heather Quinlan was certain she spied her.  Now our pal Chuck Taylor writes: [I saw] Bjork…who lives in the nabe. She looked fab-u, with jet black hair and fashionista blue pumps, though she declined to let me take a pic with her.

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Bjork and Barney Officially Brooklyn Heights Neighbors

Public records confirm that pop star Bjork and her artist husband Matthew Barney have closed the deal on their Brooklyn Heights penthouse.   It does remain to be seen if the couple actually move in.  Gawker alleged relationship issues betwen the two last month.   Guess we’ll have to wait to see  Bjork  shopping at Ricky’s Halloween […]

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Bjork and Barney to Brooklyn Heights Goes Through the Looking Glass

Here we go again – So yesterday, a tipster tells us they heard someone standing in front of 160 Henry talking about a “deal falling through” there because “they broke up” and adding that this is like the third time a couple involved with that apartment have split up.  Is “that” apartment a “jonah” they […]

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Residents React to Björk’s Move

When we first heard a rumor that eccentric Icelandic singer Björk was moving to Brooklyn Heights, there was much skepticism. But, now it looks all but official that Björk and her artisit husband Matthew Barney are moving into a four-bedroom penthouse art 160 Henry Street. The 3,000 square foot pad was listed for $4.2 million […]

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Is Bjork Moving to Brooklyn Heights Like Mikey Dying from Pop Rocks

On August 12,  Dalton Rooney aka @robot_operator posted this on Twitter: I am starting a rumor that Björk is moving to Brooklyn Heights. Pass it on.3:06 PM Aug 12th from Tweetie He followed that up with: I can’t believe my rumor hasn’t taken off yet. OK, let’s try again.3:34 PM Aug 12th from Tweetie We […]

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