Bjork Sightings Add Up to She Lives Among Us

Bjork is here! First Qfwfq thought he saw her.  Then our Heather Quinlan was certain she spied her.  Now our pal Chuck Taylor writes:

[I saw] Bjork…who lives in the nabe. She looked fab-u, with jet black hair and fashionista blue pumps, though she declined to let me take a pic with her.

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  • Kate

    My husband spotted her yesterday at the St Ann’s puppet parade.

  • David G.

    I saw her at Vinegar Hill house a month ago.

  • wonk

    I love bhb, but am increasingly uncomfortable with items on celebs who actually live in the hood. I suspect most of these folks moved here precisely to avoid the fishbowl treatment…

  • travy

    i agree. enough with the celeb spotting.

  • the where

    wait here comes the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for travy and wonk.

  • WillowtownCop

    I agree. Can you imagine how you would feel if someone was following you around your neighborhood, taking your picture and posting where you were eating lunch on the internet for everyone to read? Sounds like stalking/harassment to me.

  • the where

    you people will whine and complain about anything. it’s really lame.

  • wonk

    It not even that I’d equate it was stalking or harassment. It’s not remotely malicious. Mostly, I’m just not sure it’s newsworthy. Essentially, the story is “Heights resident sighted in the Heights.”

    That said, I’m all for items on non-resident celebs. That’s fun and gives the hood some small measure of glitz.

    As for you, the where, I think your derision is misdirected.

  • Joe

    You know unless she is wearing a swan outfit, I wouldn’t even know what she looks like.

  • milton

    I have no idea what she looks like or why she’s famous. I’m sure I am her favorite sort of neighbor.

  • tb

    One time we saw Paul Giamatti get his car towed. Should I have driven him to im impound lot? I wish I had a car. I would have. Totally.

  • jorale-man

    I agree with Wonk. It’s nice we have some star power in the neighborhood but cringe when I read about people cornering them for pictures. We should allow them their privacy.

  • nabeguy

    It’s great that BH has a history of attracting renowned people. But I think there’s a lot to be said for respecting their decision to move here and not confuse recognizing our famous neighbors with reconnoitering them. Unless Bjork can weigh in with an opinion as to where the best place to shop for groceries is in the nabe, I’ll leave her to figure it out for herself.

  • Publius


  • neighborguy

    Leave her alone, people like her come to NYC to be treated like anyone else and live a normal life.

  • James

    Saw Bjork coming out of her apartment building with her daughter one Sunday morning recently. No question that it was her. I did what I thought all New Yorkers would do: didn’t stare, didn’t ask for a photo, didn’t bat an eyelid, kept walking. Why would you do anything else? Leave the cringeworthy “I’m such a fan” introductions to the tourists.

  • Ace

    I saw her drinking a Pina Colada at the Henry Street Ale House and her hair was……perfect

  • strozzi

    Saw her in Tazza Clark St. with her ENTIRE family. It seems Tazza doesn’t like to boast: Giammatti, Berne, Connelly/Bettany, Ledger, et al and now Bjork. And I think I saw Obama, once, I’m not sure because he was talking loud on a cellphone and they kicked him out.

  • Peter

    I agree that we don’t need to know who is buying rolls of toilet-paper, and where.

    Two days before he was killed, John Lennon told a reporter, “I can go right out this door now and go in a restaurant. You want to know how great that is?”

  • Jazz

    peter, aw c’mon. lennon’s death was due to the world’s crappiest doormen who allowed chapman to stalk him for DAYS. don’t be such a putz like that. you know better.

  • nabeguy

    Peter, if Lennon had stayed in the restaurant, he’d probably still be around.

  • Brooklyn Neighbor

    This is all just crazy! How would you feel if someone was following you like this! Good way to scare people out of our neighborhood!

  • xochi

    refer to the postings re: tyra and iris cafe:,
    or the post regarding all of the recent sales on garden place.

    the where: do you ever have something valid to say?