Tyra Banks at Iris Cafe

You know you’re hot when A-listers brave the din of strollers and tourists to sip your lattes: Tyra Banks and boyfriend, John Utendahl, were among the Iris Café crowd this afternoon. They came for the amazing ploughman sandwiches and stayed for the café’s coveted corner window seat. He is super tall, she was splendid in blazer and jeans, and I got to get my first up-close look at an iPad, courtesy of the two. A good time was had by all until the wifi conked out.

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  • xochi

    who cares?
    should i mention or post that i sometimes share a coffee with mr. gabriel byrne at a nearby shop, does that make me or the place any better?

    get a life.
    who cares?

  • brooklyn neighbor

    I second that!

  • Jake


  • AAR

    Aw…come on….what’s wrong with sharing the pleasure of a neighborhood celebrity sighting? It’s a nice contrast to all the complaining about the quality of restaurants and Montague Street shopping.

  • GHB

    AAR, don’t you realize yet that these people will bitch and moan about absolutely anything and everything? I guess it makes ’em feel worthwhile…

  • Publius

    BFD. Did Tyra show off her cellulite?

  • The where

    Homer should just shut this thing down because y’all ate a bunch of whiners

  • karl Junkersfeld

    If this blog was shut down for whining, would any blog survive? I think not.

  • http://limestonefinancial.blogspot.com/ Steph M

    Wow…nasty…..it can’t be the weather…..Maybe you can be civil if you can’t be nice? Sometimes it’s refreshing to have a little levity from choppers and restaurants and architecture. It’s a unique part of your community after all, to have celebs roaming around on a routine basis.

  • blech

    The iPad doesn’t get you booted to the laptop ghetto? F Iris.

  • Dan

    We followed Paul G. today for 1/2 block. OMG!!! HE’S FAMOUS! We picked up gold in his path. Thank you Paul!

  • nabeguy

    Dan, if it was Giamatti you were following, I doubt it was gold you picked up. Probably more like a trail of angst. In any case, the fact that accomplished people live in the Heights is something we should celebrate. After all, they wouldn’t be celebrities if we didn’t.

  • AEB

    Oh, Tyra! Oh super tall (8 feet?) John!

    But, you know, every bit of glamour bestowed on this tiny kingdom is, to my mind, welcome.

  • xochi

    “what’s wrong with sharing the pleasure of a neighborhood celebrity sighting?”; inho it is fine to share amongst friends, this neighborhood has more than its share of accomplished artists in many genres. Why do you think they come here? Is posting on a blog sharing with friends? I think not, you are physically placing them somewhere, which can be harmful, annoying at least. And to state that a place is “hot” because a celebrity (that lives here) has come in is just ridiculous.

    I suppose key food on montague should be mentioned as a “hot” spot as well.

    Seeing these folks, who are just like us, enjoying their/our neighborhood is wonderful, if we treat them as anyone else, perhaps we can befriend them and keep them here. Or chase them away by becoming the next GAWKER.

  • the Where

    xochi – allow me to call he waaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for you. Gawker is a great site. Perhaps you prefer the Christian Science Monitor?

  • Heather Quinlan

    I hope Bjork starts shopping at Key Food if/when she moves here.

  • hoppy


    If she got into a fight with that reporter who said “Welcome to Bangkok,” imagine what’ll happen once she encounters those cashiers;)

  • xochi

    the where – it is not stated anywhere that i don’t think gawker is a great site, you seem to have missed the point entirely. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • The where

    I am the point.

  • HeightsDiva

    WOW chillax people. Tyra is rad and I love celeb gossip:P

  • http://www.melaniehopegreenberg.com melanie hope greenberg

    I am a Tyra fan. I’d love to see her around the neighborhood.

  • AEB

    Tyra, mon efant, ma soeur……

  • Andrew Porter

    Melanie, then you’d be….a tyrant?

    There’s the famous singer who lives near me and I can hear her voice through her apt door. At least she’s not into heavy metal.

  • xochi
  • David on Middagh

    …cat-butt coffee?

    I missed my chance at a free sample last year. Too lazy to go to Park Slope.

  • Billy Reno

    Saw Tyra with a Crumbs billboard on that forehead today.