Is Bjork Moving to Brooklyn Heights Like Mikey Dying from Pop Rocks

On August 12,  Dalton Rooney aka @robot_operator posted this on Twitter:

I am starting a rumor that Björk is moving to Brooklyn Heights. Pass it on.

I can’t believe my rumor hasn’t taken off yet. OK, let’s try again.

Brownstoner: We first caught wind of this rumor last week but and have finally gotten enough confirmation that we feel comfortable posting it: Avant-garde pop star Bjork and artist husband Matthew Barney are in contract on a rather phat pad in Brooklyn Heights. In the name of privacy, that’s all we’re gonna say and ask that commenters refrain from posting the address if they know it. Stick to welcoming two more world-class artists to the Brooklyn.

Totally unreliable sources tell BHB that Bjork is allegedly moving into a high rise and not a brownstone.

What do you know?

Update: ACRIS records confirm that Mr. Barney has purchased an apartment in Brooklyn Heights.  Perhaps this one?

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  • EB

    About six months ago I saw Matthew Barney bringing a big bag of used books into Heights Books. They may have been in the neighborhood for a while already – any other sitings?

  • Dalton

    Ahh… sorry I did not follow up on your Twitter reply! I have had spotty internet the last few weeks. The truth is that I didn’t have any source — it was just random chatter in a Brownstoner thread. I picked up on it and ran with it just for fun, not really knowing if it was true or not!

  • Homer Fink

    then you’re an ace reporter if it’s true!

  • ABC

    yeah, the rumor started on a brownstoner thread by someone who had info but wouldn’t confirm. I think it’s awesome! I love them both, his work especially.

  • AliG

    IF it is true, be prepared for all the gossip rags to hang out on her doorstep for their “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” fashion disaster features.

  • promenade

    the brownstoner thread was talking about the PH at 160 Henry…but I think this is a lot of gossip and not much fact….

  • TUV

    City filings dated 8/4/9 confirm Barney & Gudmundsdottir as our new BH nabes. Not just a rumor. Or maybe they just bought the place for someone else!?

  • David

    I tried to cast Bjork in my last movie, but she escaped between my legs in a somersault.

  • AliG

    David..did she leave a trail of swan feathers, too?

  • Hello Brooklyn


  • jason

    gee great way to alert the crazy ass stalkers she has on where she is going to be living. totally uncool

  • The Where

    Jason, you’re quite the genius. With Google anything is searchable. With the internet everything is transparent. You my friend are opaque.

  • BKHeightsGirl

    Looking at the UCC filing on ACRIS, while it is indeed very likely that Bjork and Matthew Barney are moving to the nabe, it’s not conclusive proof of such. My lender filed a UCC prior to my closing on my coop unit. It’s not an uncommon practice. The transfer tax form has not been filed yet, which would be more definitive proof of a purchase. If they are merely in contract for the unit, the Board could subsequently decide not to allow them into the building, thus dissolving the contract. The Board might say, “Eh, this Bjork is too much of a rabble-rouser, beating on people at airports. We don’t want her kind in our building.” It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, or in this case, the icelandic pixie sing her swan song in her swan dress.

  • promenade

    well said BKHGirl !

  • AliG

    Jason, She knows how to defend herself.

  • nabeguy

    Oh great, first the incessant buzzing on Clark and Henry and now this! Hey come to think of it, maybe we’ve identified the source!

  • AliG

    regarding the update…almost $4k a month in maintenance??! insane!

  • Curmudgeon

    Who cares what celebrity lives, works or is even seen in Brooklyn Heights? Stop acting like a star-struck transplant from Ohio.

  • promenade

    what has poor Ohio got to do with it?

  • nabeguy

    What, Curmudgeon? We’re not allowed to muse about the neighborhood-struck transplants from Iceland?

  • Pierrepont

    Hate to say it, but Mr. Barney might be the weirder of the two. Case in point: (from Wikipedia)

    “In June of 2009, a collaboration between Barney and Elizabeth Peyton, entitled Blood of Two, was performed for the opening of the Deste Foundation’s exhibition space, the Slaughterhouse, located on the Greek island Hydra. The two-hour performance involved divers retrieving from a nearby cove a vitrine containing drawings which had been submerged for months. A funeral-like precession of fisherman carried the case up a winding set of stairs. At one point, a dead shark was laid on the case, and the fisherman proceeded to the gallery space, carrying the case and shark, accompanied by the onlookers and a herd of goats. At the Slaughterhouse, the case was opened, water poured out, and the drawings reveled. The shark was eventually cooked and fed to the guests. ”

    I rest my case.

  • Pierrepont

    … or perhaps I should be more balanced by adding that I am not known for my appreciation of the avant-garde. And that piece sounds seriously avant-garde.

  • nabeguy

    At least he had enough class to feed his audience after the show.

  • Curmudgeon

    Promenade – Point well taken – sorry about the poor Ohio remark – let’s substitute “midwest”. I have to say that I just don’t understand the obsession that is sometimes manifested on this blog about the doings of “this or that” celebrity. It just seems so childish to constantly gush about these people. But then again I AM a Curmudgeon, for Pete’s sake!

  • Senor Salsa
  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    Nice of them to give Homer a link.

  • Ethan

    One of the great things about BK Heights is that the celebs don’t get annoyed. Lets try and keep it that way.

  • Andrew

    We must protec the neighborhood swan population from becoming mere fodder for Bjork’s next fashion adventure!