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Glass Artist Tags Brooklyn Heights (and Beyond) With Colorful Pigeons

About two weeks ago, I made the most delightful discovery at the intersection of Henry and Orange Streets: A glass mosaic pigeon affixed to the base of a street lamp. It instantly made me smile and reminisce about how, as a teen, I would frequently spot similar treasures in downtown Manhattan; the jubilant dancing babies […]

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Banksy Hits Brooklyn Heights With Twin Towers Tribute

Banksy has struck in Brooklyn Heights. A tribute to the Twin Towers was spotted by a BHB reader in the Fruit Street Seating Area near the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The artist has also posted a similar picture in Tribeca.

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Hey Banksy – The Brooklyn Heights Cinema Wants You!

If you even casually read the internets you know that guerilla artist Banksy has been leaving his mark all over New York City recently. Last week, his Sirens of the Lambs truck hit Borough Hall. Over the weekend, he set up a sidewalk shop selling his prints near Central Park netting about $420 total for […]

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Banksy’s Sirens Of The Lambs at Brooklyn Borough Hall

There have been some wacky sights at Borough Hall, but the fact that this truck of stuffed animals may be attached to that are part of shadowy graffiti artist Banksy’s “Sirens of the Lambs” made many take notice. Including the Daily News—although they couldn’t verify that this was the work of Banksy, they did get […]

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