Banksy Hits Brooklyn Heights With Twin Towers Tribute

Banksy has struck in Brooklyn Heights. A tribute to the Twin Towers was spotted by a BHB reader in the Fruit Street Seating Area near the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The artist has also posted a similar picture in Tribeca.

Gothamist adds that the Brooklyn version may have been the artist’s first attempt but that he probably abandoned it fearing he’d be caught by police.

PHOTO BY Heather Quinlan

Update: What appears to be a yellow flower has been added to the piece (see photo below). No word on if Banksy himself is responsible. Our Heather Quinlan was on the scene around 3pm and the it had not yet been added.

HQ tells us that the flower had been moved and that it had been replaced…so the plot thickens (?):

Photo by jsperandeo

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  • Fakesy

    Call this one a Fakesy. I saw a middle aged woman put it up. Its not Banksy

  • heightsdiho

    Maybe Banksy is a middle aged woman…