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Scaffolding Finally Gone from 65 Montague

Yesterday afternoon, your correspondent was delighted to see workers dismantling the sidewalk bridge in front of 65 Montague that has blighted the sidewalk on the north side of Montague between Hicks and Pierrepont Place for some years now. 65 Montague now joins its Siamese twin 20 Pierrepont in being scaffolding-free. Unfortunately, no end appears in […]

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20 Pierrepont Scaffold-Free; 65 Montague Next?

Window replacement work at 20 Pierrepont having been completed, the scaffolding that has blighted the block between Hicks and Columbia Heights has finally been removed, revealing some lovely flower beds. Meanwhile, workers have been seen replacing windows on the 65 Montague side of the same building complex, giving hope that the scaffolding there will soon […]

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End in Sight for Scaffolding at 65 Montague/20 Pierrepont?

Scaffolding has been in place for some years now at 65 Montague and its companion building, 20 Pierrepont, as we noted in this post last June. At the time, we were advised that the scaffolding was being kept in place pending a window replacement project. Last week, workers were unloading new windows from a truck […]

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The Cheops Award: Cast Your Vote

No one today knows how long it took to build the Great Pyramid of Cheops, though it has been estimated to have been at least thirty years. My earlier post on the persistence of scaffolding, and the number of long-term construction or renovation projects underway in the Heights, brought Cheops to mind. So, I’ve decided […]

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Life is Short, Scaffolding is Long

We recently got an inquiry from a reader concerning the scaffolding at 65 Montague, shown above, which has now been joined by similar scaffolding in front of the adjoining Heights Casino, resulting in about two thirds of the sidewalk on the north side of Montague between Henry and Pierrepont Place being covered. Our interrogator was […]

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