20 Pierrepont Scaffold-Free; 65 Montague Next?

Window replacement work at 20 Pierrepont having been completed, the scaffolding that has blighted the block between Hicks and Columbia Heights has finally been removed, revealing some lovely flower beds. Meanwhile, workers have been seen replacing windows on the 65 Montague side of the same building complex, giving hope that the scaffolding there will soon be gone.

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  • Andrew Porter

    The vast shed covering part of the block starting at Hicks Street on Pineapple is still up, though the construction company told me it’d be gone by the middle of April. They have removed the roof of part of the thing. The construction company said the next part of the sidewalk around the St. George Tower to be redone will be on Clark Street.

    My dream: a Heights totally free of sidewalk sheds. Also, world peace…

  • E G

    I have another perspective. I am a sometimes insomniac. On those sleepless early mornings I’ve taken to strolls around the neighborhood during which I do pull ups/chin ups on the bars of the scaffolding that I come across. I’d be just a little weaker for the removal of these eyesores.

  • No One Of Consequence

    AP, now that you believe in construction time tables, you can also have faith that the Dock St. middle school is a sincere offer.

    How about the scaffolding and shroud over the building on Henry across from CVS? (I’m sure it has a name, I just don’t know it.)

  • Andrew Porter

    Some time last year I remember seeing these enormous new lintels and pieces of cornice for that building, made out of fiberglass. A resident of the building told me that they’d had financial and other problems with a contractor, and things would be finished when they’re finished.

    Hey, the scaffold on St. Ann’s School finally came down, and it was up for only 12 years or so. How long has the sidewalk covering in front of St. Ann’s Church, at the corner of Clinton and Montague, been up?