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Heights Couple’s Kitchen Reno: Thrifty and Green

If you’re like us the words “thrifty” and “green” may just throw you into a fit of hipster hating backlash. Or maybe it would make you a little misty for the bearded Al Gore. Whatever. Today’s NY Times has a story about Katherine Belsey Davis and her husband’s (a musician, not named…hmm) Brooklyn Heights kitchen […]

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World’s Tiniest Renoblog, Day 2-3:
The Lofting of Columbia Heights

  Lots of work done over the weekend. Lowered the floor of the "standing area" for the loft portion, put in the rafters for the bed platform and the ceiling for the room aka The Study aka The Batcave.

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World’s Tiniest Renoblog Day 1

  Work began with cutting out the space for the "standing area" (the space to the right of the door), and installing the frame for it. I wasn't happy with the doorway being so close to the future stairway, it looked awkward. The entrance to "the study" (or "the TV room") should be centered between […]

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World’s Tiniest Renoblog Day 0:
It’s Better To Have Loft And Lost Than Never To Have Loft At All

No, the room isn't leaning, just the camera.  We can't all be a Brownstoner renoblogger. When I bought my "Junior 1 Bedroom" apartment, one of the more interesting aspects of it was the "Junior Bedroom". As you can see, the walls don't reach the ceiling, and the space inside barely fits a bed. Since the […]

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