Heights Couple’s Kitchen Reno: Thrifty and Green

NY Times Photo

If you’re like us the words “thrifty” and “green” may just throw you into a fit of hipster hating backlash. Or maybe it would make you a little misty for the bearded Al Gore. Whatever. Today’s NY Times has a story about Katherine Belsey Davis and her husband’s (a musician, not named…hmm) Brooklyn Heights kitchen reno:

New York Times: Leftovers….: Over the last year, after Ms. Davis and her husband combined their apartment in Brooklyn Heights with one next door to make space for their growing family, she built a laundry room and a recording studio for her husband, a musician, and renovated a bathroom at budget prices. But it was her kitchen renovation, which included appliances, cabinets, counters and floor, where she really managed to get a lot for a little. The kitchen came to a total of $10,600, said Ms. Davis, who estimated that she saved $19,000 to $28,000 on that one room by recycling.

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  • anon


  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Honey, that looks like $10gs. Move back to Park Slope that’s where the frugal dwell.

  • anon

    agreed..it LOOKS like it cost 10gs…those cabinets are hideous…but power to her for installing everything herself…perhaps she should use her Brown degree to get a JOB so she doesnt have to forage the neighbors trash