BQE Work Starting Soon; “Virtual Community Meeting” Thursday Evening

We’ve been advised by State Senator Andrew Gounardes that the City Department of Transportation will start in July to do “significant and necessary repairs” to the cantilevered portion of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway that underlies much of Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. This is interim repair work simply to stabilize the existing structure before any long term plans for the BQE are implemented. “Work will be conducted overnight and is scheduled to last approximately two months, with two weekend closures planned for the fall.” The DOT will hold a “virtual community meeting” to discuss the planned work this coming Thursday evening, June 29, starting at 6:00. There are many questions that come to mind concerning noise and vibration minimization, safety in general, and the effect of the work on the Promenade (will closures be necessary?). You may register here to participate.

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