I Scream, You Scream…

…and we all scream because Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is coming to the neighborhood, per Brooklyn Bridge Parents.

Van Leeuwen already has three shops nearby, in Boerum Hill, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope, but now scoops will be just a short walk away, at the old Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory/Ample Hills spot on the Fulton Ferry Landing.

Offering both dairy and vegan ice cream, Van Leeuwen began operating out of a yellow truck in New York City in 2008. Their mission: “To make good ice cream that makes you feel good. Because a life without anything good is bad.”

Facts, as the kids say. I can enthusiastically vouch that Cookies and Cream Caramel Swirl and Peanut Butter Brownie Honeycomb (both vegan) made me feel good. And Hazelnut Fudge Cookie made me feel fantastic.





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