L’Appartement 4f to Serve Dinner and Wine


Soon, you can stand in line at 8:00 a.m. for your croissants and return at 8:00 p.m. for supper at L’Appartement 4f. Emma Orlow at Eater reports that the French bakery will transform into a French bistro serving small plates and wine in the evening. The bistro will operate under a different name, yet to be chosen, and serve 25 seats.

Photo by Mudari Creative (mudaricreative.com), courtesy L’Appartement 4f.



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  • Sandy Ikeda


  • RW

    This is a great idea!

  • Monty

    I like 4F but I don’t understand why everyone treats like it’s the only edible croissant for 25 miles. There’s several excellent bakeries in the area not least of which is Lassen & Hennig across the street.

  • Matt

    25 Seats? That upstairs is going to be tight

  • AEB

    “Edible” is indeed the apt and whole description for most croissants available in BH. 4F’s croissants are a good deal more than.

  • Mike Suko

    The world (of business) is divided into risk-takers and those who are risk-averse. It seems odd – borderline offensive – that Kickstarter was used to pave the way for A4F moving from home to Montague, … but that was a “free ride” for the founders – nothing but upside for them.

    But now, they’re opting for a cute but – as you point out – absurd approach to maximizing the revenue their space generates – maybe, there’s someone baking at 4 AM, … but it’s clearly nothing but cleanup and prep after 3 PM, give or take…. So now they tack on some very lucrative hours after that.

    A smarter – true, it’s not without either risks or non-trivial costs – approach would be to expand – maybe, the adjacent spaces are unavailable, but they sure have much to choose from within a couple of blocks. It sounds like this may not result in anybody’s having an 18-hour workday (for more than the start-up period) either – i.e., different workforce for the new operation – so an appropriate space (one where they can escape the worst part of Inga’s – “better think a month or 2 ahead” or go very early or very late) has got to make more objective sense, especially given that they hit it out of the park with Act I.

    I’m sure they love the buzz that line creates every day, but a smarter operator would do what Shake Shack and many others do – making grab-and-go a win-win for store & customers. Plus, for them a “subscription model” – especially ideal in retail – is low-hanging fruit. (5 per week or 7 would be Choice #1; 1, 2 or more per day would be Choice #2; etc.)

    Ample Hills shows what happens when you get TOO ambitious, but after a year of unbridled success, A4F’s not coming close to meeting demand, day in, day out, is just plain inept management. So, no surprise that they’re teeing up more of the same.

  • FatFreddy’sCatheter

    As long as we’re offering free consulting, I have a different idea: They should purchase a coal-fired pizza concern, and at some point, on the sly, begin offering a few coal-fired croissants. Eventually, the only pizza they make will be to maintain the grandfathered coal permit–sales will be 95% flakey breakfast. Even France wouldn’t be able to match the crispness and flavor, what with being on nuclear power and all!

  • RW

    I cheer for 4F because of their story and because it’s brought a lot of attention to Montague, but I usually recommend Le French Tart Bakery. They’re also excellent and there’s no line down the block.

  • Mike Suko

    LOVE IT…. Yeah, I got carried away. When someone is as successful as they obviously are, maybe I shd just doff my cap. Plus, I think they “add value” to B.H. beyond their product. I’ll bet friendships get made as a result of the line, and a number of people start the day in a much more positive frame of mind than they would otherwise.