Last Minute Suggestion: Birding in Brooklyn Bridge Park Saturday Morning

What could be better than to get up early this Saturday morning, which promises to be chilly but sunny, and meet Heather Wolf, author of Birding at the Bridge, in front of Lizzmonade near the Old Fulton Street entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park at 9:00 AM for what promises to be an enjoyable walk through the Park, spotting some of the many varieties of birds to be found there in winter? You will also be helping to gather scientific data. Your correspondent joined Ms. Wolf on a winter bird walk in 2017 and found it quite enjoyable. There’s no fee, but if you want to participate you must make a reservation.

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  • Mike Suko

    THANKS so very much, Claude. Over the years, I’ve seen lots of Heather’s photos, and I’ve read that she has done some “guided tours” in the past. Sounds like a very special treat.

  • Claude Scales

    You’re welcome. Unfortunately, my temporary mobility issue precludes me from attending. I look forward to your comments, and photos if you take any.

  • Mike Suko

    Well, you deserve that much – and a whole lot more. SHE WAS FABULOUS. Apparently, she has quite a following, and the 30+ people in the group might have been unwieldy on a milder day.

    But a good time was had by all. She related to the few serious birders in the group … and the utter noobs. I’ll never look at or listen to a common grackle in anything like the same way. For those who missed it – I swear I’m not related & there’s nothing in it for me – here is a link to her first (site appropriate) book. (Claude, think about adding them to the BHB “store.”)
    and a 2nd book
    [pre-ordering now]
    108 Ways to Find More Birds: Surprisingly Effective Secrets to Spotting Birds Everywhere—If You Know How to Look