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  • aeshtron

    “Your Place or Mine”, which was partially filmed in Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo, was released on 2/10/23.

    The scenes purportedly inside a 60 Water Street apartment were filmed in an LA studio and the views are simulations. During a scene filmed near 44 Water St, an extra carrying a tan shoulder bag passes the camera at least three times in 30+- seconds.

  • Mike Suko

    One of BHB’s “elder statesmen” is, of course, Karl Junkersfeld. His videos are well worth seeking out on YouTube and in the BHB’s own archives, because his voiceovers hit the mark (for me) between informative and breezy. The link below has some great visuals, and its 1949 date means that there’s hardly an image that is currently as it was then.

  • yo

    Anyone know anything about the Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Market shutting down? Steel gate was down this weekend.

  • KBells40

    The entire building’s being remodeled.

  • RW

    Yes, a couple weeks ago the BHA posted in their Instagram stories that it was closing. Apparently the building is undergoing a 2 year renovation. Hopefully they’ll be able to relocate somewhere else in the neighborhood.

  • guest

    They’re temporarily closed for construction based on a sign I saw on their door walking by last week. Unfortunately I forget when they were scheduled to reopen or if the notice even contained that piece of info.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Before Covid, they got approved to demolish the building and put up a new 4-story building (with the fruit market returning on the ground floor). I don’t know if that’s still the plan but “2-year renovation” sure sounds like new construction and not just remodeling.

    Info here:

  • AndyHeights

    The Happy Days Diner on Montague Street closed this past December. It was a 24 hour diner before the pandemic and re-opened with limited hours and I noticed the prices for breakfast had skyrocketed. An unfortunate result of Covid.

  • Claude Scales

    I’ve heard they are at a temporary location south on Court Street. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything on the web confirming this. There may be a sign at the Atlantic Avenue location.

  • Guest

    There is a lengthy discussion about this on Nextdoor

    From the discussion I found out they have a second location, K&Y on Court Street between Douglas and Degraw

  • Mike Suko

    Any brunch and/or diner favorites in or near Bklyn Heights?

    Yes, eating out prices sure seem to have soared since 2020. Several people have said, “Well, they were closed or severely limited in ’20 & ’21.” I’m sure that “catching up” accounts for some (much/most ?) of the increase, but I wonder how many eateries were weakened by Covid but KILLED (suicides ?) by their revised menus post-Covid.

    Together with often 2x the seating (and covers) courtesy of NYC giving the sidewalks & streets away, albeit not year round, it sure looks to me like a very profitable business in 2023.

  • MaggieO

    not remodeled. demolished. they’re building a NEW 4 story building. according to the DOB they passed a pre-demo inspection on 2/10.

  • RW

    “Diner Favorites” of mine are Clark’s and Grand Canyon.
    I actually haven’t had brunch in the neighborhood in quite a while (probably at Heights Cafe?) so I’m interested to see people’s responses too.

  • Effective Presenter

    We would NOT bet on “profitable”

  • Lucky Larry

    How about Vineapple’s brunch service?