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  • CassieVonMontague

    Carmageddon Likely from BQE Repair Work as DOT Will Detour Trucks into Residential Neighborhoods

    The work will mean closing sections of the BQE in each direction during an undisclosed number of nights and three weekends between March and October 2023, sending rerouted traffic — nearly 153,000 vehicles a day use the roadway — onto Third and Fourth Avenues and other local roads, which locals warn are already dangerous and deadly thoroughfares.

    The first full weekend closure of all Queens-bound lanes between Atlantic Avenue and Sands Street will shunt all BQE traffic — which is significant on weekends, too — to the exit at Atlantic Avenue, a commercial street at the border of two densely populated residential neighborhoods with extremely narrow side streets.

  • Jorale-man

    A notice (and a few good words of courtesy) from the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s weekly e-mail (no disappointment here):

    NOTICE: No Fourth of July Fireworks at the Park
    The Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks will NOT be visible from any location in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Please visit Macy’s website for the viewing locations. Many regularly scheduled programs are paused for the holiday weekend on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; please check the events calendar.

    While visiting the Park please be considerate of your fellow park visitors: practice social distancing, place all trash in the bins, and follow Park rules.

  • nomcebo manzini

    One can only hope that there are some uniformed traffic agents assigned – esp. at the beginning. I know it’s probably “beneath their dignity” to have NYPD officers on subways or directing traffic – although thousands are assigned to every gathering of aggrived citizens – but maybe, someone in authority will GET how high tempers will run – many car owners think of their vehicles almost as aggressively as gun-owners.

    Also, there’s a remote possibility that these “disruptions” will be so horrid – millions of wasted hours in snarled traffic and the resultant pollution – that when the REAL work on the BQE begins, maybe, they’ll opt for the proposals made 2 years back about temporary roads at the Eastern edge of BBP.

  • Alex

    “Practice social distancing.” Ha! Good luck with that on a 4th of July.

  • Steve Inemer

    Can someone explain the Citibin structures and why they are taking up parking spots

  • MaggieO

    is this what you’re talking about?
    Are they in our neighborhood? I’d love to see them in person but I’m sure as heck not visiting Times Square if I can avoid it.

  • karateca2000

    There is one on Montague st across from Lassen & Hennings. There is another on Henry in front of City Chemist.

  • CassieVonMontague

    The Supreme Court decided last week that the personal right to parking spaces is not mentioned in the Constitution and returned that issue to the people’s elected business improvement districts.

  • C.

    Awhile ago I posted about how Golden Fried Dumpling on Duffield in Downtown Brooklyn next to Metro-Tech had closed during the pandemic. Well, now a promising looking new Roman pizza place is opening in its place called Fuccio’s Roman Pizza. They also have a full bar with their own cocktails. Soft opening tomorrow, grand opening on Tuesday the 5th.

    Also opening in Metro-Tech today is a brand new Blank Street coffee brick and mortar location. Free drinks all day today. I think it was in the Korilla Barbecue place.

  • meschwar

    These seem great. One of NYC’s biggest annoyances is the piles of black trash bags all over the place. I suppose one could argue that these would be better on the sidewalk, at least in certain places.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, I would love to have these replace all loose garbage bag piles in our neighborhood. The amount of litter on our streets and sidewalks is disgusting. Look at Joralemon near Sydney Place sometime. Or any of the blocks between Clinton and Court. These won’t eliminate litter but they’d definitely help.

  • Jorale-man

    Pandemic update for 11201. Cases are rising in the Heights again:
    Dates: June 19-June 25
    7-day percent positive: 11.65%
    People tested (reported to date): 1296
    New people positive (reported to date): 151
    Wear a mask when indoors!

  • Brett Cooper
  • RW

    Has anyone heard anything about the construction going on inside the Chase building on Montague/Clinton? There’s scaffolding up all over the room. I really hope they’re not doing anything drastic.

  • gc

    The Gothamist article mentions Barcelona and Paris as cities where this kind of project is underway. It might be instructive to try and compare garbage output in those two cities vs. output in NYC. To me, it feels like we have seen a quantum leap in NYC garbage over the past 5 or 10 years.

  • kizz

    More pizza/Italian? Blasé. Enough is enough.

  • streeter

    I love them! Hopefully soon each block will have a few of them. Good riddance to trash bag piles on the sidewalks.

  • Effective Presenter

    We hear it will be a condominium or co/op?

  • Andrew Porter

    But as usual I expect hundreds? thousands? of non-locals to line the Promenade—who will then be extremely disappointed when they can’t see anything.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    Glad to see it sold. Now Amy Schumer will be visiting with other local celebs, checking with them for the best places to eat inconspicuously.

  • Andrew Porter

    Real estate brochure for the Mansion House, 139 Hicks Street (and additional images in replies):

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    You’re hilariously close to the truth. Until 1947, there was no on-street parking permitted in NYC. Finally legalized in Manhattan in 1950, and in Brooklyn in 1954:

  • Arch Stanton

    Thats not really true. There was no overnight parking permitted but you could park on the street within time limits, which were one hour during the day and evening, and three hours after midnight.

  • KDHicks

    Agree! Properly storing the piles of trash will help immensely with rodent problems, too.

  • KDHicks

    Now we just need to convince her to open up an improv spot on Montague…

  • Arch Stanton

    “Careful restricted selection of tenants”
    = White Christians Only…

  • Andrew Porter

    That phrase appears in a lot of the real estate brochures I harvested.