P.S. 8 Protest Against Teacher Stipend Cuts

United Federation of Teachers reps,  City Councilman David Yassky and others gathered outside P.S. 8 yesterday to voice their support for the Teacher’s Choice Fund.   The $150 stipend it provides teachers allows them to buy classroom supplies.

NY1: “It’s a terrific program and it makes sure that dollars go directly to the classroom, directly where they’re needed,” said City Councilman David Yassky. “The mayor’s budget for this year zeros out the Teachers Choice program, eliminates it completely — not a little cut, not everything’s gotta shrink by a little bit, this gets rid of it completely. We can’t have that.”

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  • nabeguy

    Did any other PS 8 parents get a letter from the DOE offering them the opportunity to transfer their child from an “F” grade school to one of their choosing? I realize that this is a form letter that they have to issue to cover their asses for their faulty grading system, but how exactly stupid does this letter seem in light of the DOE’s commitment to the expansion of the school? What kind of message does that convey? ” We think you suck, but we’re going to spend millions of dollars to allow your suckiness to flourish on a larger scale”.

  • In the Heights

    Every family in the school received one. It only continues to show how totally ridiculous the systems is.

    It is unfortunate, however, that the school community wasn’t made aware that the letters were coming. There were many who thought we received another F and the tongues were wagging on the sidewalk. That could have been avoided with a letter from Seth.

  • nabeguy

    According to him, he’s about to send one.

  • anon

    It’s pretty stupid, especially since it didn’t give any sense of what the transfer options would be. I mean, we’re not going to transfer, but shouldn’t they give a few choices for what the transfer schools might be?

    It did seem like a waste of my valuable taxpayer dollars!

  • davoyager

    The only ones who deserve an F are the people who created and worse, disseminated this faulty metric without a clear explanation of what it means and what it doesn’t mean. For all the problems they caused, the unnecessary worry for parents, it almost amounts to sabotage of a very successful school. Shame on the DOE.