Brooklyn Heights Photog Peter Aaron’s Country Home Profiled in New York Times

Brooklyn Heights residents Photographer Peter Aaron and his wife, writer Brooke Allen, discuss their Hudson Valley getaway home in the New York Times:

New York Times: This house, which Mr. Aaron bought for $185,000 in 1985, might be considered as much a refuge from that world as from New York, where the family lives in a Brooklyn Heights apartment with three small bedrooms. But a visit to the house on a recent weekday suggested that the family’s life in the country is nearly as harried as it is in town, thanks largely to Mr. Aaron’s schedule. No sooner had he arrived from that Beverly Hills shoot than the family was preparing to head out again — first to the city, to see Mr. Aaron’s college friend Chevy Chase at the Upright Citizens Brigade that night, then to San Francisco in the morning, to pick up the institute award. Watch audio slide show

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  • Andrew Porter

    Speaking of three small bedrooms, I didn’t see any comments on the 2 Sidney Place house on the tour last weekend. Really small bedrooms with really enormous beds in them. Weird. A house that looked more impressive from the outside than inside. And no garden, and the entire place about 10 feet deep.