Nabe Designer Rises Above Recession

Jill Malek Design

Jill Malek Design

City Journal writes about area artists who are making the best of the recession and starting their own businesses.   One of them lives in Brooklyn Heights:

City Journal: Brooklynite Jill Malek was an Oberlin fine-arts major with little interest in commercial design. Upon graduating, though, she learned graphic design and took a number of corporate jobs. After developing her “skill set” and realizing that “the fine artist in me was not fulfilled,” she started her own business. At 32, working out of her Brooklyn Heights apartment, Malek designs websites, stationery, invitations, and hand-screened wallpaper. As it has for Cihat and Dao, the design economy has allowed Malek to spread her aesthetic vision into entirely unforeseen areas: she recently inked a deal with Yogamatic to create a line of yoga mats.

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