Heights Dog & Cat Adoption Event

doglovingA Brooklyn Heights dog adoption event will be held this Saturday, May 16th, Saturday, May 30th at the corner of Hicks and Pineapple Street.  [Note date change]

Many beautiful dogs who are seeking their forever homes will be on hand for those interested in adopting. 

The event is sponsored by Animal Haven, Perfect Paws, and Friends of Hillside Dog Park.

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  • Corey Rubles

    Its amazing to see this store do so much with the locals. Im glad to see the true animal lovers doing so much. From the Parade to the Adoptions to free grooming for BARC. You guys are so sweet. Been a loyal customer for over 18 years for a good reason. Cant wait to see how many homes you guys find for the pups. PS I hear Henriette is coming to do help out with training and consultation all free.

  • http://www.hillsidedogs.org Matthew Parker

    Tom and the gang at Perfect Paws are amazing and show their true love for animals by all the pro bono (no dog pun intended) work they do and all the work they quietly do for animals (dogs, cats, horses) that few ever see.

  • Annette

    Hi to Matthew and all –

    I saw this on Anima Haven’s web site (that’s where I adopted Kayliah from, so I still look all the time) and then noticed a date and time discrepancy — may want to confirm with AH, since I just copied this from their site 30-seconds ago:

    Saturday, May 30th

    11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

    Perfect Paws
    102 Hicks Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    (Between Pineapple Street and Clark Street)

  • http://www.hillsidedogs.org Matthew Parker

    Hi Annette!

    Hope things are good in the Bron-x and that Kayliah is doing fine.

    I just called Tom at Perfect Paws to clarify. Yesterday he told me noon-5pm.

    The pet van should be there by 11ish, and they will stay to at least 3pm, but up until 5 if there’s a lot of interest/people traffic.

    Also, Animal Haven will be bringing cats and kittens as well as dogs. So for those looking for a feline, it’s not all about dogs.


  • http://www.hillsidedogs.org Matthew Parker

    Wow, Annette, thanks for catching this date discrepency

    Tom just called over to Animal Haven and they had a misunderstanding due to the Jennifer Anston movie shooting that’s going on in Brooklyn Heights on Pineapple Street and Animal Haven changed the date without notifying Tom!!!!!

    The adoption event will be cancelled tomorrow and postponed until the 30th. I’ll make a separate post on BHB to correct this.