Details On The Great Clark Street Station Elevator Replacement Project

BHB’s very own Beth “songbirdnyc” Heller was there last night when the Clark Street Station re-opened, and wrote it up for the Brooklyn Eagle this morning (with far better pictures!):

After such a ringing endorsement of their handiwork, this correspondent took a trip to the platform and back. The ride was indeed smooth and steady, the cars bright and clean. Best of all, there’s no bounce at the bottom, ominous creaking, or groaning, and the doors no longer threaten to crush passengers. The weary commuters in my car were all smiles behind their masks.

The article has more details on the replacement project itself:

They gushed the project had been “completed in record time, in just five and a half months,” citing that in the past, it would have normally taken the MTA at least a year. Supply chain issues threatened to derail the project too. Vital equipment languished on cargo ships during the boondoggle at Southern California ports. But, to get the job done, Forte employed three eight-hour shifts who worked 24 hours a day.

That’s great! Now about those Court Street Station elevators

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  • mac

    Happy to see the station reopened and the project completed!
    Now, what can be done to finally repair the street entrance doors on Clark and Henry. I’ve used the station for 15+ years and can’t recall a time when they were ever repaired or maintained.

  • Mike Suko

    Of course, I, too, am grateful that service has been restored.

    The BUT … in my case … pertains to the station as a whole. Yes, we were “given” a once attractive (“artistic”) flooring at the lower end of the elevator, but it hasn’t held up well. The train platform area has good working “what’s coming when” clocks … but is otherwise pretty ugly. Anyone know when the flooring there was last addressed?

    “Upstairs” – and I’m sure part of the problem is that I doubt that the MTA “owns” THAT space – is as you say “poorly maintained” and has been for a long time. The corral “up top” probably violates 2 dozen Fire code regs, not to mention Covid protocols.

    It has been said that the MTA answers to no one, but is it possible that one of our electeds (Mr. Restler on the City Council or someone posted to Albany) could do something to get Clark Street upgraded in the next year or 2? It IS the first stop in Brooklyn, of course, and I’m guessing that MANY tourists may use it for all the obvious reasons (photo ops, Grimaldi’s, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, etc.)