Court Street Station Elevators to be Replaced

Thanks to our friends at the Brooklyn Heights Association we know that the MTA plans to replace the two aging elevators at the Court Street (N/R) subway station. Work is expected to start sometime in May, presumably once the new elevators at the Clark Street (2/3) station are in service. Unlike Clark Street, which has been completely closed during the elevator replacement there, the Court Street station will remain open. The entrance on Montague Street near Clinton will be closed, but the entrance at Montague and Court will remain open. The elevator replacement “is scheduled to be completed in early Fall of 2022.”

According to the BHA:

There will be some street-level impacts, as the MTA will need to create a staging area on Montague Street for equipment storage and other operations. The normal schedule for work will be Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. If any weekend activity is needed the MTA will inform us beforehand.

Noise impact is expected to be minimal, as most of the work will be done underground. The BHA “will be monitoring this closely” and invites “concerns or questions” about any aspect of the project.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Actually, the BHA is only a second-hand source of this information. The original source was the Montague Street BID.

    I forwarded the information I received from them to you, to Lara at the BHA, to various others, and posted it in the Wednesday Open Thread.

  • Claude Scales

    Oh, dear. A thousand apologies! I happened to see the BHA’s announcement before I saw your email or comment on OTW. For shame!

  • TeddyNYC

    Anyone knows how old the current elevators are?