Open Streets Montague Returns in May

It was previously noted here before, on Open Thread Wednesday for March 12 by — who else? — Andrew Porter, that Open Streets Montague, co-sponsored by the Montague Street BID and by the Brooklyn Heights Association, would be back this year for Saturdays in May. On these days Montague will be closed to traffic, except for emergency vehicles and cars dropping off or picking up residents, between Clinton Street and the Promenade from noon until 9:00 PM. According to the BHA, “there will be music, dance, and engaging activities designed to bring people outside and enjoy strolling and shopping.”

If you’re a musician, dancer, or children’s entertainer who would like to display your talent, or if you want to organize an activity, please sign up here.

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  • Arch Stanton

    Such a waste of time and parking spaces…

  • Alex

    Move upstate already.

  • Arch Stanton

    So in stead of explaining how and why you disagree with my statement, you engage in ad hominem quips. That’s usually a good sign you have no substantial argument.

    I have plenty of evidence to back up my claim, if you dare…

  • B.

    Aren’t we done yet with Open Streets? And with the fully plexiglass-enclosed eating sheds pretending to be outdoor dining? And the litter — smeared napkins and foodstuffs — that accrues on the curbs? And the amplified noise? I am beginning to feel that everywhere is a slum. And no, don’t anyone tell me to move. I was here in Brooklyn first, remember it when it was tidy and quiet (yet still indomitably Brooklyn), and know things don’t have to be this way.