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  • ConeDangerous

    Thanks, I seem to have struggled through the valley of death and despair that is the world outside of Brooklyn with my life intact, but it’s a relief to hear this news about my old home. And don’t worry, if the Watchtower falls through you’ll always have Joraleman so you know you’re gonna be safe. Good luck out there!

  • BH Mike

    This mask crybaby needs a pacifier. It never ends. Always trying to tell other people what to do. I suspect you’re vaccinated and boosted. As such your protected. Wear a mask if you like. But stop whining about what other people do or don’t do in this instance.

  • Mike Suko

    Sorry, … if this were an office building or a decent apartment house, comparable work would have taken a few weeks. And the work should have been done in what I still believe would have been the better way of “keeping the station open” at least most of the time!

    Also, let’s see if the new ones do or don’t have a fairly common rocky first few months or more, because – well, they just do, a high pct of the time.

  • BH Mike

    Someone give this mask crybaby a pacifier. I’m sure you’re vaccinated plus a booster. Wear a mask if you like. You’re protected. Stop telling everyone to wear a mask. You’re like a whiny baby all the time telling people to wear a mask. Worry about yourself

  • Andrew Porter

    “Watchtower falls through”? They all left a couple of years ago. How long has it been since you’ve lived here?

  • Andrew Porter

    Time to trot out that old view of the elevator shaft and subway tunnel again (click to enlarge):

  • BH Mike

    Someone give this mask crybaby a pacifier

  • AnonyMom

    They don’t do squat. Cars come tearing up Henry all the time. It’s a little harder to do it now because of the construction shed in front of the 2/3. But, that project is (hopefully) almost over and that will likely be gone by the end of April.

  • meschwar

    (I agree with you. I was being sarcastic. Maybe it didn’t come through clearly.)

  • CassieVonMontague

    I didn’t know Hizzoner comments on this site. Did you enjoy the Gridiron Club Dinner last week?

  • Andrew Porter

    A cocktail to go, preferably!

  • Andrew Porter

    I noticed a few days ago that the falling-down ivy-covered fence on Pineapple between the brownstone on the corner and the former Towers Hotel has been replaced, after who knows how many years of rat-infested decrepitude.

    That part of Pineapple has always been horribly neglected. Fallen leaves accumulate on the sidewalk for months there, too.

  • kizz

    They officially open on Sunday, May 15th per the article in Timeout that came out today about them.