Koren Volk Becomes President of Brooklyn Heights Association

The Eagle reports that Koren Volk has become the new president of the Brooklyn Heights Association, succeeding Erika Belsey Worth,

who led the community efforts to organize an alternative BQE plan and supported initiatives such as the ‘Brooklyn Heights Together’ fund which supported workers in need during the COVID lockdown in 2020.

Ms. Volk and her husband, Rick Dean, moved to the Heights from Canada thirty years ago. Along with the BHA, Ms. Volk has been active in community activities such as the Promenade Garden Volunteers and as an adult education tutor. According to the Eagle story, she sees continuing efforts to find “a transformative and forward-looking solution for the entire BQE corridor” and “the revitalization of Montague Street” as priorities for the BHA.

Ms. Volk is also an artist, with a studio in Sunset Park, “where she paints, predominantly in oil on canvas in a representational style.”

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