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  • Michael Krass

    TOWN MARKET, the new grocery down on the waterfront by pier six, is a sweet, beautiful, and wellstocked store with the most uniformly kind and hopeful staff imaginable. i hope we can support them, as they get going.

  • Red Leader

    Definitely hope they make it. Always looks empty when we walk by.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Their prices aren’t that bad compared to Key Food.

  • Lucas Collins

    Hey guys the always aggressive guy in front of key foods seems extra aggressive lately threatening to stab our guts out of with two small kids in tow. Yikes!

  • Red Leader

    If anyone is interested in supporting our amazing dog run, there’s a link to donate here –

    We’re so fortunate to have such a great place for our furry friends!

  • Andrew Porter

    Last year he threatened, “I should kill you,” when I walked past without giving him money. I reported him to 311, but he’s still there.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yesterday I made my second donation to CARE to aid Ukraine. Literally the least I could do—throw money at the problem.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • KDHicks

    Looks amazing!

  • Henry

    Agreed he’s made similar comments to me with my two kids in tow.

  • thisguy

    This guy’s going to end up actually hurting someone. What if anything can be done?

  • Lucky Larry

    Aha! They’ve up and running! When was the opening?

  • Andrew Porter

    Cheeseburger with pickles, onions—and mayo??? Very midwestern preparation. I remember getting a Kobe beef burger in Reno in 2011, and had to scrape off the mayo on the burger.

    Have also heard of people getting a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s, and asking why it has mustard instead of mayo on it.

  • Andrew Porter

    For people with short memories, the building in Claude’s photo was a post office in one of the Muppet movies, with Muppets standing in a line on the steps, waiting to get into the “post office.”

  • Andrew Porter

    I just called the BHA, asked if they could do anything. Or do we wait until he tries to kill someone?

  • Mike Suko


    How was it?!

    For my money, a “picture is worth 1000 words” is basically false when it comes to food…. But I have to say, the menu conveys a very different vibe – *affordable* – as compared to the newish place that replaced Heights Cafe 6 or so blocks “up” Hicks.

    Beverages cost? Noise level? Service?

  • thisguy

    Thank you! Did they have anything useful to say? Anyone threatened with stabbing should file a police report. I can’t really report him calling me a ‘motherf#cking f@gg@t,’ but I’m sure he’ll eventually threaten me with violence!

  • Lucas Collins

    Yeah it’s enough for me, he obviously knows how to game the spot, but I talked to the 84th and I’ll let them know when he’s there. His normal vitriol is so awful I don’t think an upscaling is tolerable if anything can be done.

  • Mike Suko

    Where in the World … See the 4 attached slices of a panorama style photo, stitch ’em back up, and guess whose living room – well, roughly WHERE will suffice – is on display, waiting for some oohs and aahs! Tie-breaker question. If this apt. were for sale, what do you think it would be asking?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Wild guess, the new Brooklyn Tower in Downtown Brooklyn.
    Cost $8MM if 4 Bedroom

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Last night was the official opening.

  • Mike Suko

    Good guess, but bzzzz (not quite!)

    I hope I haven’t over-obfuscated this and will definitely provides hints or answers to questions that seem to “fairly” narrow things down.

    Hard to know how coy to be, but I’ll remark that your price-tag is seriously “de trop.”

  • B.

    I think you’ll have to wait, Andrew. The hammer guy in the trains has 47 priors. Anything short of point-blank shooting someone to death . . . .

  • BK

    Any news/update on Clark St. station re-opening date?

  • Claude Scales

    Didn’t know that; thanks!

  • CassieVonMontague

    One Clinton. The gold-capped pyramid of One Pierrepont Plaza next door gives it away.

  • gc

    I understand that many now consider COVID to be a bit passe`… but as we rapidly approach 1 million deaths in the US, I am a bit concerned when I see our neighborhood with a positivity rate, though pretty low in an absolute sense, that is almost 3X the NYC average and that is the highest in all of Brooklyn.

  • Jorale-man

    Cases have largely plateaued across the city for the past couple weeks and the government at all levels has given up on the matter. It’s every individual for him or herself now.

    I can’t speak to why the Heights is worse but best thing one can do now is fall back on what we know: wear an N95/KN95 mask indoors, avoid crowds, and get boosted. I’m personally looking at getting a second booster this spring.