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  • aeshtron

    Black Lives Matter!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I only get one upvote so I’ll add a comment for emphasis. YES! Let yesterday’s decision be a mere warning shot across the bow of an institutionally racist law enforcement system that needs a complete re-examination, dismantling, and replacement with one that justly serves all individuals and communities.

  • Alex

    Any word on Heights Cafe’s reopening? I’m getting worried.

  • CassieVonMontague

    So here is how I am thinking of ranking my mayoral ballot in June

    1. Scott Stringer
    2. Shaun Donovan

    Before you tell me how wrong I am, I am looking for a technocrat mayor who can work with all of the interest groups within the city. Anyone else I should consider?

  • CassieVonMontague

    Here is how I am thinking of ranking my city council ballot in June:

    1. Toba Potosky
    2. Lincoln Restler

    The ballot seems to be mostly candidates from Greenpoint. I wanted someone with connections to BH. Also, both these candidates have shown commitment to quality-of-life issues.

    Also, it’s silly that Brooklyn Heights is in the same district as Greenpoint and not Cobble Hill

  • Mike Suko

    I get it … and I’m broadly sympathetic.

    But I think you have to recognize (more than appears to be the case) that it’s “either-or” at this point. EITHER the biggest employers and funders of the City pretty much have their way OR those who have been shafted since Peter Stuyvesant’s days get a better deal.

    I had no idea that the odds of a policeman involved in a death were 1 in 2,000 of being convicted. I’m getting to think that we may have to have 2000 mayoral elections before we get someone who tells the city’s big developers & landlords, “ENOUGH.” We’re not helping you get 20% on your money any more.

    Probably have to give the UFT and others a similar message, one which might have a prayer if the biggest piggies are put on notice.

    Can it happen? This year? Dunno.

    Won’t happen with Stringer, … and I think Donovan is this year’s Beto or Mayor Pete or even EWarren – good people all, but no way is it/was it “their year.”

    Any of the 3 most prominent women running – chance ? – strike me as better choices.

  • disqus_NCsPYOIlUl

    City government is very complex. And there is someone, often a developer, waiting around every corner with his hand out.

    We need someone who already knows how city government works. Having served as Comptroller, Scott Stringer understands very well the complexities of running this city. In my view, he has been an effective Comptroller, issuing hard-hitting reports on city operations. And he is not taking any money from developers, who are, as ever, thirsting to make deals and build enormous high rises where nobody wants them.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Housing is actually my one disagreement with Stringer. I am mostly for new housing–and believe the idea of “Black Lives Matter” and new housing are closely related. My position is also the way I atone for living in a historic district that is 5% black. I know I am a hypocrite.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Without any criticism implied, wondering why Adams isn’t in your top 2. What don’t you like? Really, I’m interested in your opinion – not looking to be critical of your opinions. Curious as to what people think of our BP as a potential mayor.

  • Ernie

    Restler was raised in the Heights. His parents still live here. Might want to ask Potosky who he voted for in the 2012 and 2016 Presidential Primaries. It wasn’t a Democrat. Board of Elections records say he voted in the Republican Presidential Primaries in 2012 and 2016.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Eric Adams has tried to position himself as the “law & order” candidate. That stance is not what this city needs right now.

    A recent example from this weekend, Andrew Yang committed to ending placard abuse at a press conference at Borough Hall. Adams, who has been criticised as a placard abuse enabler, responded:

    On one side of Brooklyn. I am dealing with crime. On another side of Brooklyn, someone is dealing with placard abuse…That’s a New Paltz crisis. That’s not a Brooklyn crisis…If he lived in New York City, he would know we have a crime problem. And the mayor of the City of New York that will focus on placards while five year old girls are being graced with bullets, and three family members are murdered, and every day my Citizen app is going off on new shootings — that’s really a privileged problem.

    I don’t like when politicians try to get votes through fearmongering. Adams has long advocated for broken-windows policing, and but when someone shines the light on his own abuses, those are a “privileged problem.” We’ve had enough of this type of hypocrisy from our current mayor.

  • Chris Bastian

    We asked at Dellarocco’s and they said there was a kitchen renovation going on; expected to re-open at the end of the month.

  • Mike Suko

    I’m with you. The shape of the District is pretty much beyond anything you or I or even CVM can do, but voting for a Democrat in the Democratic Primary seems like a pretty undemanding “ask.”

    All campaign literature has a copious amount of flimflam, but when you read Toba’s in the context of his being a Republican 4 years ago, it goes way beyond hypocrisy.

    And remember, this is the CITY Council. Yes, we’d hate it and suffer if things like the BQE were handled ham-handedly, so insisting that “the Heights be heeded” is altogether fair – but I think it’s great that the 33rd takes in housing projects AND brownstones, WASPs and Latinx-ers and a large population with roots in Poland and Eastern Europe.

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw Adams say he was the “blue collar” candidate. Soured my opinion of his candidacy.

  • Andrew Porter

    Good photo, Claude. I took a bunch of photos across the Heights on Tuesday, for instance, this one, at the Remsen Street entrance to the Promenade:

  • Andrew Porter

    Time for another old photo of the Heights. This is Court and Atlantic, looking north, in the 1950s; photo by M.H. Hubacher:

  • DislikePoliticos

    You realize April Somboun lives in Brooklyn Heights right?

    Frankly, I’d much rather a resident who wasn’t a lifelong politco. I’m tired of all these DiBlasio hanger-ons running.

  • Alex


  • Effective Presenter

    Stringer as comptroller allegedly watched the “mismanagement” of over a billion dollars funded to the Thrive Program to help mentally ill homeless people by DeBlassio administration.

    That could hurt Stringers chance of becoming Mayor.

  • Effective Presenter

    We agree lack of diversity in our neighborhood is akward, embarrassing.

    The Heghts Casino, etc, appear to be well-heeled white people not much else?

    We see the same up north in Westport, Ct., where we spend time also.

    We guess it “is what it is”?

    What to do?