It’s 4/20 And There’s A Pot Thief On The Loose!

According to the NY Post, Willowtown has recently been plagued by flowerpot theft. Two stoops on Willow Place were hit last Friday, but homes in the area have been seeing their potted plants disappear since December 2020. The NYPD appears to be on the case, looking for local surveillance footage that may have perhaps caught the thief (or thieves) on camera.

Have you or your neighbors recently had their flowerpots, or planters, or some other type of receptacle stolen? Are these thefts specific to Willowtown, or is it a problem across all the Brooklyn Heights micro-neighborhoods (Fruit Streets, Montague BID, Columbia Heights, etc.)? Let us know! And if you have any information (or video!) concerning these recent thefts, you can email the local Neighborhood Coordination Officers (Det. John Condon and PO Donovan Hunt), or call the 84th Precinct at (718) 875-6811.

Photo: C. Scales for BHB

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  • W.R.

    Haha great headline.

  • cranberry

    I had two planters disappear last summer in front of my house on Cranberry Street.

  • Effective Presenter

    What a boner!