Just a friendly reminder for those out there who haven’t scheduled their COVID-19 vaccination yet: DO IT NOW!!! As of this post’s publish time, there are thousands of appointments available — including over 20,000 slots at the Brooklyn residents-only Medgar Evers College site. There’s a plethora of ways to make an appointment:

For keeping up with vaccine appointment availability, TurboVax and NYC Vaccine List have been useful, as well as the CDC’s VaccineFinder.

According to the city’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data site, the 11201 zip code has doing pretty good — 64% of residents over 18 have received at least 1 dose so far, and 39% fully vaccinated. Across all of  Brooklyn, though, only 40% have received at least 1 dose, so spread the good word about vaccinating! Tell your neighbors, your friends, random people you meet, even cold-call local stores and businesses! DON’T HESITATE — VACCINATE!

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  • Mary Kim

    Thank you! I plan on calling Peas & Pickles to start.

    I’ll also add that PS8 students will soon be attending school 5 days a week. So if you work at, have students at, ever walk by, live anywhere near, or even ever think about PS8, please do as Qfwfq says!

  • Jorale-man

    Hear, hear, “Qfwfq”. Brooklyn needs to do much better if we ever want to get past this.

  • Susan O’Doherty

    Shared, thank you!